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Live stream??

The official Occupy PDX camera guy is not filming the feeder march.
Is indy filming? I want to know what is going on with the march that broke away.

PSU - Break-Away march - on Broadway Sunday 10/9/11 10.Oct.2011 16:41


The break away march of about 50-70 marched from Burnside up Broadway in the street to City Hall

I filmed this march - which had 5 or 6 motorcycle cops following from a block away

I posted some cell phone footage here on the 9th as it was happening:  http://bambuser.com/channel/iamjoeanybody

I will post the break-away march on this post right here, when I get a chance to edit the raw footage [in the next 24 hours]

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Video: DAY 4 . Break-Away Protest March 10.Oct.2011 22:20

indy filming occupypdx@joeanybody.com

Day 4 - Sunday - Break Away Protest March - split

On Day 4 a group of 200 + leave the temporary camp in PSU park blocks to meet up with another group of Occupy Portland marchers who are leaving from the Rose Garden. About half way along the route to meet a break-away group of 50 protesters decide to go up Broadway street and not walk in Solidarity with the group who is coming from the Rose Garden.

The reason for not wanting to march with the other group, was to make a clear statement that this smaller group did not want to walk with the mayor and police who were with the other march (which was actually marching/following the runners of the Portland Marathon) I understood that the break-away protest march, did not feel comfortable to be marching with the police or with the sanction of police approval.

Day 4 - Sunday - Break Away Protest March - split
(14 min video)

More video footage from the PSU campers march and the meet-up on waterfront marathon rout will be posted later