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Some further thoughts on the OWS movement

I have been following the Occupy Wall Street developments with interest because ultimately I consider the only reasonable way entrenched elites become unseated is if there is mass action by citizens. I do not think military coups are a very sound way to lay the groundwork for grassroots democracy. I also like the idea of a "leaderless resistance movement...
Bill Mitchell - billy blog
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Some further thoughts on the OWS movement
[...] The point is that we will not get very far if the OWS movements and their derivatives get hi-jacked by the sort of Tea Party nonsense that is now crippling the world. We need governments to be purposeful and to use their currency power to advance the economic development process. There is nothing evil about fiat currency or budget deficits or private banking monetary creation. The problem comes when the incentive structure of those institutions are perverted by the elites so that the institutions work against public purpose.
Quelle: Bill Mitchell Anmerkung JB: Mitchells Sorge, die OWS-Bewegung könnte von rechts gekapert werden, ist berechtigt. Die Graue Eminenz der Tea-Party-Bewegung Ron Paul hat bereits ihre Fühler in Richtung OWS-Bewegung ausgestreckt. Nun muss sich zeigen, ob die OWS-Bewegung wirklich eine linke Protestbewegung ist.

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Enjoy the feast! The welfare state is not Bolshevism but the future of human society.
Community centers and soft power are like treasures hidden in the field and forgotten by Rambo/Have Gun Will Travel USA!
Marc Batko


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