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We clearly need a revolution. I want mine to be non-violent and inclusive.
Let me be clear, we need to bring this system down. Wars, poverty, eco-destruction, unmet human needs, competition for basic resources, etc., etc. are unacceptable and a direct result of the current system and paradigm.

We occupy to birth a new society.

For me, I will work to make this an inclusive revolution. I start with the premise everyone is on our side until they prove otherwise. The 99% message is unifying. The people who are immediately calling for violence, non-cooperation with officials, and etc. do not speak for me and have a message that is DOA. The media will chew you up and marginalize you so quickly that you'll soon be 50 angry people and no one else.

I want a revolution that includes everyone.

I'm not naive and don't absolutely trust government authorities but beginning a movement by alienating them doesn't make sense to me.

I'm not saying that in the end that might be necessary, I just don't think we'll be successful starting out that way. Remember, Occupy Portland is just 3 days old. Of course there will be issues with respect to values, visions, tactics, strategies, communications, etc., etc.

Let's respect the organic leadership that is evolving and support them at this time. The whole situation is chaotic and in flux. Do not expect perfection in 72 hours. Give it time, we'll work this out if we come together in solidarity.

respect the leadership wtf? what about horizontalism and egalitarianism? 09.Oct.2011 12:43

direct democracy or ... benevolent dictatorship by liberals?

Are you fucking serious?

You're advocating a reproduction of the current system ... leaders and followers.

The beauty of this movement is the dedication to making sure everyone counts.

Let's be inclusive and not marginalize people and not snitch on folks we disagree with.

Stop trying to force everyone to act and behave the same way.

Solidarity means supporting eachother no matter what. We're all in this together, right?

just wondering... 09.Oct.2011 12:49


if the vast majority of earthlings - the animals - get to be part of this nonviolent revolution too? Does that mean we can stop exploiting and killing them for a taste preference? I'm not talking about subsistence hunters, I'm talking about all of us nonviolent, first world folks in Portland Oregon who do not have to participate in a system of cruelty and death. Because nonviolence begins at home and on your plate.

I want to see real deeds and meaningful change behind the banner of nonviolence. It's easy to say "government and the rich should do things differently." How about your own individual choices?

Leaders and followers 09.Oct.2011 13:03

Brian the Green

These are not bad words.

When I'm at the occupation, I'm both a leader and a follower. At times I step up and lead and others support that leadership by following. The next minute, I will be a follower supporting someone else's leadership.

This is organic leadership which is different from leadership as a result of positional power. They are different.

Even indigenous societies had leaders.

exclusive revolution 09.Oct.2011 13:13


"For me, I will work to make this an inclusive revolution."

If your revolution includes members the current power structure as well as agents of the repressive state apparatus, I must question what you mean by the term revolution? To me you have rendered the word revolution as nothing more then hallow buzzword. I think what you consider to be "inclusive revolution" is infact incredibly exclusive. By including the police and ignoring their repressive role role within a capitalist society, you are by default excluding marginalized groups who experience violence and repression on behalf of the police on a daily basis. "inclusive revolution" sounds to me to be code for "mostly white, middle class, liberal activist."

"I start with the premise everyone is on our side until they prove otherwise."

Hasn't the history of essentially every working class social struggle through out the history of the world proven that capitalist politicians and police are not revolutionary actors, but in fact reactionary?

Wrong Premise 09.Oct.2011 17:19

Den Mark, Vancouver

"I start with the premise that everyone is on our side until they prove otherwise", or whatever. Uhhh, people now in power HAVE already proven that they are not on "our" side. What more proof do you need. Dead people all over the place is not enuf proof!

DIVISION 10.Oct.2011 10:42

Brian the Green

Way to start the revolution dividing people and pitting groups against each other.

re: DIVISION 10.Oct.2011 11:18

ugh srsly get some analysis plz!

yeah brian the green ... the folks involved with the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, banking systems, legal systems, policing systems, political systems, etc etc are all on our team! totally! they are part of the 99%!! but anyone who wants to do something about it, shut things down for a bit, or push for an infinite human strike, or mortgage strike, or occupation of the banks or political buildings, ya know, create actual ruptures and alternatives and then *defend* those alternatives from attack by the state are not part of the 99%!

that's why even though it looks like those in power don't give a fuck about other human beings they really do love and care about us, totally! and they murder us and our friends in other countries for resources, lock us up, shoot us or evict us if we can't pay our rent, etc, but i'm sure it hurts them a lot more than it hurts us, because ya know, it's for our own good. gotta keep the rabble in line!

get over the magical thinking please!

this system is terribly violent in a low intensity conflict kind of way *always* all the fucking time non-stop and it's not getting better.

we are being dominated by fear of violent physical repression if anyone steps out of legal boundaries in any way whatsoever. or if you can't find a job or don't want to work some stupid meaningless job, then there's a great place for you -- prison, yay! there is very limited flexibility in this system, it doesn't serve human interests it only serves the dead cold boring interests of capital.

enough is enough already! get over trying to play nice, they don't give a fuck about you!

Violence begets Violence 10.Oct.2011 13:39

Brian the Green

I'm not naive. I've been an activist for 25 years. I have a good understanding of how the system works.

You are free to your beliefs. I'm just glad you aren't leading anything.

We'll see how things evolve. I'm certain things will have to escalate but we (the movement) will get there when it is time.

Starting off with a bunch of violence would do nothing but turn 85% of Americans against us. Even if the violence was police exercising their authority against non-violent citizens, that kind of imagery would have been the death of this movement.

Instead, we are 5 days into something that America hasn't seen in my lifetime which is growing and maturing day by day.

Power to the Peaceful.

Peace is the way.

Here is some analysis of change 10.Oct.2011 13:41

Brian the Green

Velvet Revolution  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvet_Revolution


Martin Luther King, Jr.

ghandi? mlk? please! get over yr revisionist history! 10.Oct.2011 14:08

stop fetishizing pacifism and submission - defend yourself!

How Nonviolence Protects the State by Peter Gelderloos - free download!


"There is nothing in this world currently deserving of the name peace. Rather, it is a question of whose violence frightens us most, and on whose side we will stand."

In lucid and accessible prose, Gelderloos invites activists to consider diverse tactics, systematically debunking the notion that non-violent activism is the only acceptable or effective method of struggle.

Kindness 10.Oct.2011 16:35

Brian the Green

I'm glad to consider different tactics. You also have to face the fact that all situations aren't the same. Right now we have a movement that might change the world in a positive direction. At this moment, I don't feel any need to "protect" myself beyond basic security measures.

That can change and may change, but I'm witnessing a beautiful and peaceful uprising that can't be put back in the bag. It could easily come apart if the police get violent. Let's not give them a reason just to pick a point. Why poke a stick in a hornet's nest?

I'm not in charge, and you aren't in charge. All we can do is show and provide leadership.

But if you go around preaching hate and division, I certainly won't be following.

As far as Gelderloos, I don't have time to read a 104+ page book on his beliefs. Why don't you come down to the occupation and teach a class.

Remember, you attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.


Since you're talking about bees.... 10.Oct.2011 23:31

Not a medic

Dear Brian,

The last time I tried to take some honey from bees they stung me. It hurt.

Could you please lecture them about non-violence?

Oh wait! I have an idea. If it's okay for bees to sting to protect their honey - which they created with their labor - then it's okay for me and other workers to use whatever is necessary to regain the fruits of our labor.

There. Now you don't have to read a book.

Who is calling for violence? 11.Oct.2011 00:38

Steve the Red

Where is this coming from? Not obeying the authorities every wish does not equal violence. WTF are you talking about?

@ Steve the Red 11.Oct.2011 08:23

Brian the Green

I agree that not following cops orders is violence. But I have first hand experience that if you don't, they can and will become violent. That is their roll in the system.

At some point, it may be necessary for us to do something different but what I've seen in 5 days amazes me.

My suggestion is that you stop worrying about cops and spend more time drafting members to join us. I've been on the buses talking to average folks and there is such a huge opportunity to draw more into the movement for change. Should the cops become violent, I think we'll have a much harder time selling the revolution that is going on all over America.


From Facebook 11.Oct.2011 08:32


I agree with this sentiment:

There seem to be quite a few people on here who want to place a litmus test on who can participate. If you are actively trying to alienate those who don't fit you specifically narrow ideology then you are intentionally trying to undermined the movement. We should be trying to win hearts and minds. Not labeling anyone who comes from a different background or has a different opinion as cops and political operatives.

anok 11.Oct.2011 12:43


I want the animals that beat James Chasse to death fired and incarcerated. Until the state looks at the economically disenfranchised as people fuck the law and fuck the state.

That being said, just because you want a peaceful "revolution" doesn't mean that you're not going to get hurt. Just ask Union activists in the 1930's. If this is where you're character's at, I'm there right with you.

But I don't want shmucko the mayor at my protest. He's the left's Michelle Bauchman when he shows up. The Tea Party movement believe it or not WAS started by somewhat sane Libertarians who started organizing against the Bush taxcuts, before it was high jacked by every border line sociopath with a college degree and a halfway descent rack. If Sam's looking for the friends he never had in high school let him go to a high school prom. Maybe his whole life is reversed. Maybe now as Mayor he's popular amongst the people who hated him in high school while in High School he actually enforced the fucking law on his white trash police force. And don't call me insensitive, I was picked on in high school too. Doesn't mean I just accept that murderers, the worst kind at that go free and get an easy pension because the mayors too much of a pussy to stand up to their union. I mean, seriously, after everything the police union has pulled in your lifetime how can you believe they stand with you? It takes my breath away it really does. Less than animals, seriously, less than animals. What'll it take, you're child ending up with a bullet in his back because he's off his medication, your brother laying in the street wimpering mommy as two sociopaths beat the life out of him, what'll it take. And I might feel a little differently if the Police Union didn't somehow feel that these actions are not only worth condoning but that the people who committed them are of sane mind and good character. How dare you ask the police to stand with US, how dare you?

I'm sure there are a handful of "good men in bad uniforms" our there, but the Police Union has enough power to say that they aren't the 99 percent. They're above the law, and we aint. Sure they're still poor white trash but they still have jobs, even if some of them are men who should have a needle in their arm.

This was started by groups with Anarchist leanings, whether you want to admit it or not. I'm not an anarchist, but breaking the law and flexing your muscles is a big part of taking on the state and effecting change. (Wall St. owns both parties, period) If you don't want to abolish it but rather effect change, how can you effect change by doing the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over and over... And he swears, he hit you just once, maybe 10 or 15 times, but he'll never do it again. He's sorry. And after all, the chicken pot pie WAS a little burnt, maybe you'll let him poison your children to pacify conservatives and get him that second term in office next time. He wuvs woo.

Go Liberal America.

And another thing, for reasons of liable,

-I don't support or condone violence against the state, but am only making trying to use artistic context to make a point. I personally would never engage or incite violence against a police officer or the state.

anok 12.Oct.2011 07:21


"I needed money cause, I had none
I fought the law and the law won"

JBbnXfoqC 02.Nov.2011 09:57

GSOEahmEq info@consorziobalsamico.it

Information is power and now I'm a !@#$ing dicatotr.