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A rally in solidarity with Indigenous Resistance!

The Jaguar Sisters organization and the Sisters Of The Road will present a guest speaker Two Bears and a rally in solidarity with the American Indigenous Resistance movements.
Sisters Of The Road's Dorothy Day Community School and the Jaguar Sisters are presenting an event in honor of the Indigenous Resistance struggle. Two Bears, a long time First Nation activist who has worked extensively for the rights of the low-income and unhoused people, will be the main speaker. Free and open to the public. Sorry for the short notice -- spread this virally. Thanks.

For more information about the Jaguar Sisters see  link to thejaguars.tk

For more information about Sisters Of The Road and the Dorothy Day Community School, see  link to www.sistersoftheroad.org

Time 09.Oct.2011 12:17

Miss Magpie

7 p.m. Wednesday!

Location! 09.Oct.2011 12:30

Miss Magpie

Sisters Of The Road, 133 NW 6th Avenue. From the #OccupyPortland hq camp, a short walk to the City Hall MAX station (green and yellow) - and get off at Davis Street MAX station.