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Columbus Day Convergence this afternoon!

Open mic, free food and procession from Northeast Portland to #OccupyPortland Camp Alpha HQ this afternoon in solidarity with #OccupyPortland and indigenous rights struggles.
Columbus Day "Celebration"/Convergence on Monday 12-6pm in the Lloyd Center area.

Join us for a variety of activities! Start at Noon @NE 8th & Oregon -site of Earl Bloomies office & Native Fisheries Program & State Building, location of the highest concentration of state employees in Pdx. That building IS open. I believe there will be a group focused on Earl (even though his office is closed Monday)and a group messaging for a variety of "state" focused topics.

Free Chili Lunch provided at 2pm @Holladay Park (between Max line and the Lloyd Center Mall) ~BYOB
BYOB means bring your own bowl as well as your own non-alcoholic beverage.
Food provided by "Now We're Cookin'. We are planning food for 1000 people.
We are an autonomous kitchen with the mission of feeding people associated with Occupy Portland actions NOT at the main occupation site.

After Lunch will focus on re-thinking Columbus Day, corporate colonization education etc.
Microphone reserved specifically for the voices of native people of the americas. They/you have priority at this event.

By 6 PM we will march over to the main OCCUPY PORTLAND site.
Likely route is across the Steel Bridge.

PLEASE do not disrupt public transit as we are counting on it to get people to/from our event.
This is a non-violent action with an intention of non-smoking & no drugs/alcohol in main areas.

PLEASE distribute widely/make this go viral.

CORRECTION - important!! 09.Oct.2011 11:00

Miss Magpie

The Columbus Day Convergence will be on the actual Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 10.

For those who are interested in planning/volunteering, there will be a meeting at the Oregon Park (NE Oregon Street/29th Avenue) today (Sunday, Oct. 9) at 3 p.m.

Important Correction 09.Oct.2011 11:15

Miss Magpie

The Columbus Day Convergence will be on the actual Columbus Day which is Monday, October 10.

There will however be a planning meeting for those interested, today, October 9 at Oregon Park, 3 p.m.

Here's 09.Oct.2011 17:58


Updates on Twitter 09.Oct.2011 20:57

Miss Magpie

Look for hashtag #OccupyEastPDX for this event and possibly additional future actions.

Death to Colonialism! 09.Oct.2011 21:01


Thanks alot for posting info. I got a hand-made flyer at camp Thursday night about this but was hoping for more/confirming info/details. THANKS!