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We have an announcement!

Tomorrow we march! We march with the mayor's office, the Portland police department and the Portland marathon chief officers!
The co-option has begun. Unfuckingbelievable.

"We have an announcement!

Tomorrow we march! We march with the mayor's office, the Portland police department and the Portland marathon chief officers! The mayor's office graciously invited us to join the race, behind the runners at 2:30PM. We follow them from the Rose Quarter, over the Broadway Bridge, along Naito Parkway, West on SW Jefferson to SW 4th to the occupied Chapman Park/camp/headquarters.

Together the city will join together in celebration of John Lennon's birthday, singing the infamous song, "Imagine."

Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us,

and the World will live as One."


&:>/) 09.Oct.2011 02:44

doesn't matter

This was not agreed to by the general assembly, it is another group of people within the encampment who made a unilateral announcement.

Having attended tonight's assembly, I have to say this is why a clear decision making process is needed as soon as possible. It is a shame that the most important issue on the table is always pushed off to "have more discussion about" it's been talked about for probably 8 hours already. The proposal brought tonight had 80% or more support, but no attempt to move toward consensus on it was made. Inevitably it devolved into a shit show of each person making their own sermon, instead of a process for making important decisions, because there was no clear outcome for said discussion.

I hope that a week from now we aren't still trying to decide on how to make decisions, because by then all but a few people will have completely lost interest in attending the GAs, and we'll see more incidences of people taking the Occupy Portland name and using it for their own ends.

Like I said 09.Oct.2011 06:43

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

If your not using the Union tactic of shutting down the machinery, effecting the bottom line profits of the machine and forcing meaningful negotiations to create greater equity for the working people of this planet your completely full of shit. Screw Marching Block Traffic!

Re: Running with the pigs 09.Oct.2011 09:54


I don't know either the cops have a new tactic or they really don't want to kick everyone's collective ass. That is the problem fight the cops and there might not be an Occupy Portland on Monday and a lot more good can be done just in the fact that people will be going to work and noticing other people are still mad at Wall Street too. It also sends the message anyone can join in at anytime; even lunch time.

Look 09.Oct.2011 10:27

of course

Of course the city is supporting the demonstration. In a place like Portland, they know it's going to occur no matter what. It's only smart on their part to go with it.

At this point, seems like the main goal should be to gather numbers and be part of the national and international movement. We didn't even show up in the media during planning, but we sure did after day 1.

Certainly, though, at some point we should disrupt business of some pertinent financial institution.

We don't have to fight the police to make a point. However, part of the occupation should be stalling business as usual--and they might object to that.

I wouldn't call the occupation co-opted yet--a lot can still happen, and I hope it does.

fuck the po 09.Oct.2011 12:24


Liberal and ruling-class co-optation is always a danger, and in this case, a clear and present danger. However, many previously politically-inactive folks here in our new community are reading and discussing anti-authoritarian literature, anti-civ analysis, having discussions around and enacting anti-oppression principles by creating a culture of consent and listening and empowering themselves by ...taking part in consensus-based decision making for the *first time in their lives*. It is a rough process, and a process that has currently been framed by Shitty Hall and Sam the fucker for their own political and oppressive purposes. If you believe this is not good enough, and that this is not resistance, I am in complete agreement, but we are evolving. We will show y'all in time. We will grow.

Fuck the Po. And fuck the mayor and fuck Shitty Hall.

-one occupier

Look of Course 10.Oct.2011 16:47

Brian the Green

I second what he/she said.