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Various Indigineous Solidarity / Columbus Day protest flyers/images

Various Indigineous Solidarity / Columbus Day protest flyers/images

These are free for anyone to download and distribute.

Discovering stories of heroic Chiricahuah Apaches (such as Geronimo) as some of the most formidable resistors on 2 enemy fronts (both Mexico and the United States ) is sacred to me. It gives me solace to think that these Apache resistors, especially if I'm related to them, never capitulated to the false idol of a pale face Jesus worshiped by both brown skinned Mexican Roman Catholics to the south and the protestants of the north (United States).

I don't believe the United States could have possibly won the Mexican American war if it wasn't for the Apaches who kept them at bay.

Both Bush and Kerry are members of Skull and Bones which is a cult with the same "death's dead" symbol skull and crossbones of the Nazi SS, and for many of the little white gutter punk, costume peasant hippies, grateful Dead fans, and fake anarchists right the, symbol of the Whitaker neighborhood right here in Eugene, Oregon. Coincidence? I think Not. Most so called anarchists are really anus kissers. I see a debauchery among rich and poor confused white kids alike whose cliques are a joke. I see a concerted effort to forget who the true heros are. The truth hurts. GFYS if you are offended. The Skull and Bones society based in Yale University in Connecticut allegedly still has Geronimo's skull stolen from his grave in Fort Sill Oklahama. Whose the real savage? History gets rewritten by those who hang heroes and who are still hanging heroes.

If you need a white hero worth a shit, never forget Bobby Sands who was aware of the plight of the Lakota at wounded knee. His poem "The Rhythm of time" has been uploaded with these images.

Columbus day 08.Oct.2011 14:31

white anarchist trying not to kiss anus

Here is a great collection of resources for anyone curious about why we should oppose columbus day:


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