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The Real Occupy Wall St. Deal

The terms "left", "right", "progressive" (toward what?), "liberal," etc., are semantically bleached, and shopworn. New terms:
Equalitarians (love thy neighbor, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. We are sincere.)

Patriots (religiosity, individualism, family values, etc. They are sincere also, but they are different from us.)

Resignationists (have given up on it all).

Barbaritarians ("libertarians," the hell with everybody else).

Oligarchists (serve the rich and powerful, let the rest of us starve. vampires.)

Ultraists (various racist gangs, totalitarian communists, etc.)

We, the equalitarians, must work with the patriots on this Occupy Wall Street operation. They are half of the population, and although misguided, are sincere.

And may we not fall into the consensus decision trap. Use approval voting with runoffs. Stay in small affinity groups of five to ten members. Don't follow leaders (obviously): Watch your parking meters.