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Smash Wall St.

A Gathering of non-authoritarian resistance to the capitalist structure.
A Gathering of non-authoritarian resistance to the capitalist structure. We seek to actively destroy the capitalist system and all the systems of oppression that coincide with it. We recognize the efforts and faults of the Occupy Wall Street movement and choose to form our resistance in a way that works towards destroying hierarchy and oppression rather than restructuring it. We work to form a movement that works towards total liberation rather than total pacification. A movement that refuses to work with the police, for they serve as a reminder as to why we must resist and not allies to guide us through the streets in a parade of obedience.

Our Protest is not solely a symbol of our outrage but a physical manifestation of our anger with those that stake claim to rule over us. We will not be pacified. We will not be co-opted. We will overthrow.

Smash Wall Street. October 8th. Park Blocks - SW Park @ Main.

Fuck Anarcho-Puritanism 07.Oct.2011 05:25


So a unpermitted march of 10,000 people, in the middle of a work day, with everyone screaming that Wall St is their sworn enemy, and ending in an OCCUPATION of public space, isn't militant enough for you? What is your problem?

Your solution is to isolate yourself from the wider mass movement that has clear non-hierarchical and anti-capitalist tendencies to form an inaccessible ultra militant cadre intent on smashing something, anything. To what end? Is it strategic, or merely macho posturing?

Anarchism is about building a mass movement from below to liberate humanity, to do that you have to be able to work with people that you may not agree with, but that you share common strategic goals with. Declaring yourself superior to everyone else and isolating yourself from all but a handful of people is also a piss poor way of trying to organize a revolution.

This call is filled with obnoxious and snide fluff, if I was someone new to activism and this was my first impression of anarchism, I would want to have nothing to do with it.

As long as there are open and non-hierarchical assemblies with tons of people from all walks of life talking about how Wall St (and by obvious extension capitalism) is destroying their lives, that is clearly the most useful space to be steering discussions towards more radical solutions. That's where I'll be spending my time as this unfolds and hope most other radicals in PDX feel that way too.

To answer the question in the post above 07.Oct.2011 06:41

Toe Tag

It's merely macho posturing.

I consider myself an Anarchist at heart 07.Oct.2011 07:48


And I think the occupation is doing awesome. This is what I have always dreamed of. So stop crying and work with people. As long as we hold our ground, and not give into every demand of the police/city... it is fine. If the movement grows and the numbers continue to increase.. maybe then you could do more of the tactics you want to do outside of the occupation? Just let if grow for fucks sake and stop being the voice that tears the movement apart.

hmmm 07.Oct.2011 23:53


As a militant radical I will most likely NOT show up at this after such an elitist and divisive announcement.

And thank you 'seriously' for a fine post. When was the last time there was an un-permitted march in Portland with 10,000 people (and on a weekday)?

.. 07.Oct.2011 23:54


I also think the occupation is doing awesome.