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For a Radical Presence at Tomorrows gathering.
"Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!" - Otto Von Bismark

This is an anonymous call from folks within the Anarchist-Communist Community for a Socialist, Anarchist, Communist and Syndicalist bloc tomorrow at the Occupy Portland Demo. More then a show of strength from the radical left, this call is intended to assist in guidance and help develop demands within the Occupy Movement.

Red and Black Flags and Propaganda will be provided to those who are interested. We are the 99%. We are One. For an Anti - Capitalist Society!

Awesome! 05.Oct.2011 21:11

Anon Anok

Fucking rad! I was just thinking last night at the GA that we need to have an anarchist caucus. I saw a lot of people on the same page, whether it was through finger waving or knowing glances. If it isn't clear already to folks, there is a group of self appointed leaders who are trying to manipulate the process and avoid true consensus. Let's get on the same page and call them out on that shit.

Anarchists! 06.Oct.2011 08:30


Right On! Anarchists and anti-authoritarians need an organized presence today. It seems the movement here is being led by naive liberals who think the cops are our allies. They'll learn. Me and my comrades will look for the red and black flags. All Out!