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Forbidden body art tattoo shop ,Racist ?

I was searching google for a good tattoo artist when I found a picture on forbidden body art's web site under artist portfolios Bob Evans.

I scroll through to find a picture of a man's body covered in neo-nazi skinhead tattoos. swastika on his chest,skinhead and the words 1488 tattooed on his stomach.

This scares me big time that a tattoo shop would proudly display racist art work on there wed site. you can view the pic at this link

This kind of hate has no place in the world.

hmmm.. 02.Oct.2011 09:50


One would normally find this level of "quality" in a state penitentiary holding cell.
I'm actually surprised this "artist" is proud enough of this to display it on his website.

??? 02.Oct.2011 14:13


I visited BOTH links you provided, but i couldn't find anything that was even remotely political. What are you talking about?

Just sayin' 02.Oct.2011 22:44


Don't know if you've noticed, but this kind of hate has a big place in this world. Leaving aside the issue that the "artwork" in question may not even be from the shop that you attribute it to, I will call out ANYONE who defends ANY group of zealots who claim special privileges that are granted them from their imaginary sky-daddy. Neo-Nazi ideology is stupid, misguided, and destructive to positive change, but why is it forbidden to criticize a group of mammals who claim to be 'God's chosen people'? Because they have been scapegoated by some adherents of the chosen splinter religion of the Roman Empire? (Fun fact: the idea of a "scapegoat" is derived from the Jewish practice of killing an innocent animal as 'blood atonement' for supposed 'sins' that the in-group of people have committed. True that Jews merely borrowed this idea from much earlier traditions of humans attempting to understand their existence and why shit happens, but apologists for the god of Abraham are responsible for perpetuating this backward, divisive ideology forward to our present situation. It seems that the idea of Karma might be more correct in some sense, but the way in which this idea is applied in institutional practice is also repugnant to anyone with a basic sense of ethics.)
As the brilliant philosopher Pogo once said: "We have met the enemy, and he is us." We are the cause and solution to ALL of our problems - just sayin'.

72nd and Glisan? 03.Oct.2011 21:18


Is that the store at 72nd and Glisan? At the beginning of September I was looking for apartments, and one was listed on craigslist with nice interior shots, but I realized it was at that building above the tattoo parlor, an Emergency preparedness store, and possibly a ministry specializing in child preachers, plus on the busy street. Then this weekend I guess a crazy or angry person started firing off bullets at the convenience store parking lot a couple of blocks down, hitting People's Pub etc. I'm glad I didn't move in.

Do your homework... 05.Jun.2012 17:25


The photos is question are of a guy who was in the process or covering his racist tattoos that he had. Forbidden Body Art is in no way, shape, or form a racist... Thank you for further proving that most people are just as ignorant as the people who are racist...