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Is it a one man crusade?

A new advocate for the homeless has emerged from the shadows.
I was surfing the net the other day, when I found liv-n-on-the-streets.com As I read through this blog, I am thinking "is this for real?" But then I found that the blog is up to date and goes back 5 years. The organisation of Living On The Streets Inc. has been going out to the homeless and giving out food and gift cards to Mc Donald's as far back as 2007. So why haven't we heard of them before this? The answer could be found in the Organisational Slogan, "preach the good news and only if you must use words. But once I started to ask around, the man with a green beret and a red and black backpack has been seen from the west side all the way to PDX. He gives out food and blankets and never says a word other then, "you are loved."

homepage: homepage: http://liv-n-on-the-streets.com

crusade indeed 30.Sep.2011 22:29


I am in favour of charity and helping people out and stuff, but I think that a little critique is in order here. First, is this guy purchasing McDonalds gift certificates to give away? Maybe he could rethink who he buys his gift certificates from.

Also, there's a link on this guy's website to a story about a prosecutor who wants to charge his sister with premeditated murderer for having an abortion. A note with the link says "This is a fun story."

A quote from the story ""Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, what we have just established here is the fact that contrary to the finite minds of the Federal Supreme Court, not only is the fetus of the unborn child alive it has been given rights by the same Creator that is currently punishing America through natural disasters, for our rejection of his law in favor of popular law."

There is good reason to be wary of christians bearing gifts.

don't assume 22.Oct.2011 14:50


everyone reading here is on your end of the spectrum. This guy has friends and that's because lots of needy and homeless are on the same wavelength. This guy is necessary, it's not only the left leaners that are homeless or care about people's well being. many many christians and in fact they are the original people who care and started ancient orders that do nothing but care for others in need etc. Providence health system Legacy health system and they are both from christian beginnings, and you can get care there for free or for tiny payments if you have a tiny income etc..... so what, he reveres all innocent human life. So what, he isn't as aware as you are about corporate whatevers. so what, he is trying to share his own low income by making it stretch far enough to help others, affordably . big deal, what exactly are you doing for anyone including homeless? Any suggestions where he can get some better and equal value and cheap and nutritious gift certificates???? to save people's lives??? go ahead and post it here I am waiting.