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Jordan Cove Files with FERC to Export LNG from Coos Bay

The probable link between the Ruby Pipeline bringing natural gas to Malin, OR where the proposed Pacific Connector pipeline would meet from Coos Bay, OR was too much of a financial opportunity for Jordan Cove Corp's marketing rep Bob Braddock to pass up. Exporting domestic LNG originally intended for CA would raise the price for consumers while depleting domestic natural gas reserves as quickly as they can sell it. The only beneficiaries of the planned natural gas export would be the corporations themselves, NOT the consumer and definitely not the ecosystem burdened with fracking contaminated aquifers and pipeline scars across the landscape.
Jordan Cove Files with FERC to Export LNG Out from Coos Bay, OR

The once "stupid idea" according to Jordan Cove's marketing rep Bob Braddock becomes

See link to the document below along with an Action Alert from Dan Serres.......

Please go to The World's on-line LNG poll and vote "no" -  http://www.theworldlink.com (
down and to the right on the webpage ) - Poll currently stands at 50 / 50.


Jordan Cove Files with FERC to Export LNG -
On 9/23/2011, the following Filing was submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission (FERC), Washington D.C.:
Filer: Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P.
Dickstein Shapiro LLP (as Agent)

Docket(s): CP07-444-000
Filing Type: Supplemental/Additional Information
Description: Informational Filing of Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P. under CP07-444.

To view the document for this Filing, click here


From: Doug Heiken - Oregon Wild
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011
Subject: Re: Document Service: Informational Filing of Jordan Cove Energy Project,
L.P. in Docket No. CP07-444-000

Ah, the bait-and-switch to export becomes official. This clearly requires a
supplemental EIS, not just for the terminal facilities, but also for the pipeline.
FERC and others must completely reconsider the weighing of public benefits. Why
should we accept condemnation of private property, pollution of clean rivers, and
destruction of old growth forests when the benefit goes to just a few who will
profit from LNG export, versus the public interest in serving domestic markets
(which are already served by Ruby)?

Doug Heiken, Oregon Wild
PO Box 11648, Eugene OR 97440


From: Daniel Serres

LNG EXPORT ALERT - LNG Export Plans Made Official.


September, 2011

Hello Everyone

Call Governor Kitzhaber today at (503) 378-4582. Tell him: the time has come for
Oregon to take a stand against LNG exports.

Why? For months, we have suspected that Oregon LNG and Jordan Cove LNG have been
quietly planning to shift their projects from LNG imports to exports. Today, Jordan
Cove LNG finally had to admit it. According to the Coos Bay World newspaper, Jordan
Cove will apply to the U.S. Department of Energy for permission to export LNG. It's
only a matter of time before Oregon LNG follows Jordan Cove LNG's lead.

LNG companies have hidden their export plans for as long as possible, knowing that
the public would be outraged because LNG exports will increase U.S. energy prices.
Oregonians would have to outbid high-priced Asian markets for cheap U.S. domestic

LNG export projects pose a huge threat to Oregonians. The LNG export proposals will:

- Raise energy prices for every Oregonian. The U.S. Department of Energy
estimated that export from just one Gulf Coast LNG terminal would raise U.S. energy
prices by 10%.

- Condemn land for LNG export. Shockingly, pipelines for LNG export
(including Oregon LNG, Palomar, and the Pacific Connector pipelines) have the
authority to use eminent domain to take private farms and forest lands. They could
condemn land to send gas overseas, with no domestic benefit or public need.

- Undercut U.S. energy independence. By condemning land and raising energy
prices, Oregonians would suffer from LNG export. Only the gas industry would
benefit. While we import expensive OPEC oil, gas companies will make billions
sending inexpensive natural gas overseas.

According to The Oregonian, we have already had an impact:

"Landowners and environmentalists in the region mounted a fierce campaign to block
three proposals to build LNG import terminals in Oregon, including Coos Bay. They
insisted all along that there was no need for imported gas and say the backers are
now pulling a bait and switch by converting their proposals to export projects. In
either case, they believe the terminals and associated pipelines projects will harm
forests, farms and salmon habitat."

Call Governor Kitzhaber: Tell Him You Support Strong Action to Stop LNG Exports

Oregon has the power to stop LNG export in its tracks. Oregon's Governor must act
to halt the LNG industry's "bait-and-switch." Call the Governor and tell him:

1. LNG exports will harm Oregon. The Governor should take a firm stand against
LNG exports, which harm not only landowners, salmon streams, and forests, but also
will increase energy prices. According to Paul Cicio, president of the Industrial
Energy Consumers of America, "In the end, it's going to be every homeowner, every
farmer buying fertilizer, and every manufacturer trying to create jobs who is going
to be hurt by this."

2. DSL should immediately deny the Port of Coos Bay's application for massive
dredging and excavation in Coos Bay. The Port seeks a permit to dredge 5.7 million
cubic yards for a berth that would be used for LNG exports. The application should
be denied because it is misleading and it harms Oregonians.

3. Oregon should reject all leases and permits for all LNG exports in Northern
and Southern Oregon. Both Oregon LNG and Jordan Cove LNG seek to export LNG - not
import it. Oregon should not grant the use of state-owned lands for LNG export
projects that harm Oregon businesses and ratepayers anywhere on Oregon's coast.


Governor John Kitzhaber

Phone: 503-378-4582

160 State Capitol

900 Court St.

Salem, Oregon 97301-4047

Email: Richard.M.Whitman [at] state.or.us, lori.jones [at] state.or.us

(Attn: Natural Resources Office)

Call U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley:

The U.S. Congress must act to halt the export of U.S. natural gas.

Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley have been strong critics of LNG export plans.
Now that there is an official proposal for LNG export in Coos Bay, it's more
important than ever for them to act in support of a moratorium on LNG exports.
According to Paul Cicio, president of the Industrial Energy Consumers of America,
"America needs to wake up. We're about to export one of our only competitive

Tell Senators Wyden and Merkley To Spearhead Efforts to Halt LNG Export:

- Oregonians demand a moratorium on any approvals of LNG export projects.

- We need an investigation into the impact of LNG on U.S. gas prices. Given
U.S. DOE's estimate that one Gulf Coast terminal will raise U.S. natural gas prices
by 10 percent, what are the implications of West Coast LNG export?

- We need to answer the question of how many jobs will be lost by an
increase in energy costs for manufacturers, small businesses, nurseries, and farms.

Senator Ron Wyden - Please Call:

Portland (503) 326-7525 Medford (541) 858-5122 U.S. Capitol (202) 224-5244

Email: Go to  http://wyden.senate.gov/contact/

Senator Jeff Merkley - Please Call:

Portland (503) 326-3386 Medford (541) 608-9102 U.S. Capitol (202) 224-3753

Email: Go to  http://merkley.senate.gov/contact/

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