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Liminal, A Monthly Anarchist Quarterfold

A new anarchist journal is raising funds for printing and distributing their first issue by October 5. Order a copy delivered to the address of your choosing.
Liminal will be a monthly quarterfold dedicated to the topic of anarchy. Liminal will feature creative design with hand-drawn artwork and will be typeset and designed before printing by hand. Our articles will vary from fiction and news to theory and interviews with quality artwork interspersed throughout. Our authors are numerous and diffused, with varying levels of writing experience - which we we hope will contribute to a good amount of diversity and creativity in the publication.

The cost of our quarterfold seems high because the copy you purchase also purchases two copies for free distribution in prisons across the United States through an existing prison zine distro.

Our writing is influenced by ourselves and our peers (checkout Green Anarchy, which is currently being revamped for release this autumn). Our design is influenced by great graphic arts magazines (check out ARP! or Art Review & Preview back issues for much of our design inspiration).

We are raising $400, which covers the bare minimum of our printing and distribution costs, anything raised beyond this will go towards printing our second issue or be used for greater free circulation in places that might not otherwise read anarchist materials.

Thank you for your support.

Donate here:  http://kck.st/pOROOr

homepage: homepage: http://kck.st/pOROOr