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Obama visits Seattle for Money

Federal injunction on all nafta ports , flags of convenience play one port against another while locals finance infrastructure offshore uses.WHile forcing local libraries to close cuz port staff traveljunkets,and deals made force propertytaxes to pay bond payments for transportation bonds lobbied by I.M.O shipping and cruiselines.
mr. president,
We the people need a law right now," Thou shall not play one port against another , since its already been going on, International council of cruiselines members , Carnival,holland america,princess cruises,celebrity,royal carribean,Disney, and Norwegian cruiselines will not operate in or near any Nafta port affiliated with u.s. until they pay $150 per passenger without sending it toprivate entities that already get rich leaving business costs deducted from measly $7.00 or $7.50 per ,that forces local libraries and property taxes to suffer the debt caused by offshore infrastructure, or their will be no more cruise seasons throughout u.s.
If companies still take ships to elsewhere ports to harm one community ,with leaving the bill for locals. they will be taxed double where ever they finally embark on more currency laundering of hard earned vacation dollars into offshore financial centers of kuala lumpur and bahamas and bermuda that go into wrong speculators hands while u.s. suffers 3rd world sideeffects to sustainable resources subjected to over half billion gallons of chopped up poop and chemical to hide smell of urine from drunk tourists choking salmon runs and squandering property taxes cuz the bourgosie and vanity dont have to pay proper port rates that retire debt accordingly ,not with locals subsidizing shareholders of banks forcing transportation bonds at behest of offshore lobbying of local sellouts.........same concept of rate increase applies to china shipping and others getting a pass on container fees and forcing watered down customs enforcement allowing china white to saturate local communities througout nafta ports ....


Translation, please 26.Sep.2011 00:03