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Rally and Demonstration in Solidarity with Longview ILWU Resisting State Repression

Location: Civic Circle - Longview, WA by the Post Office
Time: ‎5:30PM Thursday, September 29th
Union, Non-union, Friends, Family, anyone and everyone who is disappointed with the way EGT has failed to follow through with their promises to our community and are upset with the way the police use intimidation, repression and violence to stamp out our resistance to corporate exploitation.

Bring your own: banners, signs, leaflets, posters, plans, voices and courage!

The ILWU workers in Longview Washington have taken a courageous stand on behalf of all of us. They are on the frontline of a struggle that touches working people everywhere. They serve as examples to everyone by refusing to be exploited and walking the hard line by physically standing in the way of industry to increase their quality of life.

Labor militancy in the United States has been disappearing for decades and as it goes away, so does our ability to look towards a future that holds the kind of promise we want to deliver to the next generation. The ILWU workers are standing up for those of us whose power has been taken away, those of us without a union, without a say in how we get paid, what our employers do or how responsible our work places are to our needs and communities.

The ILWU DOES NOT have authorization from their union leadership to strike. We recognize that union authority flows directly from the workers. This rally is about recognizing the workers themselves and supporting them in taking a militant stand against a labor system that takes advantage of us all. It is also about showing our empathy and solidarity with them as they face a tremendous force of state repression.

In this time of financial crisis and global uncertainty about the future, the Longview strikers and all of their solidarity strikers and support protesters serve as powerful examples of what we can do when we assert ourselves directly. They show us that if the rules are unfair, we can't play by the rules and when we act together, those powers that wish to take away the last bit of security we have left are helpless but to change.

Thank you Longview Longshoremen! You're here for us and we're here for you!

See you on Thursday at 5:30pm in Longview!