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Court Support Rally for Richard Cook & Vigil for Buddy - Monday 9/26

On Monday, September 26th at 1pm, outraged community members will be holding a Court Support Rally for Richard Cook & a Candlelight Vigil for his companion animal, Buddy, who was murdered by Portland Police Officer, Aaron Dauchy, on August 24th. Please show your support.
Urgent action and community support is needed for Richard Cook to successfully challenge Multnomah County's criminal mismanagement of his case. Not only did Portland Police Officer, Aaron Dauchy, murder his loveable companion animal, Buddy, but Richard was subsequently arrested and charged with "Reckless Endangering, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct in the second degree" while buddy lay dying on the ground. And while the Portland Police defend Officer Dauchy's actions, scores of civilian witnesses that were on the scene that tragic day tell a much different story: Buddy was unnecessarily murdered and Richard Cook was the victim of egregious police misconduct.

Richard Cook's experience on August 24th represents the gross injustices of homelessness and racism in America, ongoing Portland Police violence, and the sad truth of dog breed prejudice, among many other critical issues facing Americans. It is extremely important that our community not forget this event and rally behind Richard and continue to support him.

Court Support Rally for Richard Cook & Candlelight Vigil for Buddy

Monday, September 26
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Multnomah County Justice Center
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, OR

Please show up and support Richard through this hard time of fighting criminal charges along with the murder of his animal companion, Buddy, by the Portland Police Department.
Please show up on time.
Candles and signs will be provided.
Feel free to bring flowers or any symbols of condolences.

Support Website:

On Flickr:

On Facebook:


homepage: homepage: http://supportrichardandbuddy.wordpress.com/

Some Pictures 24.Sep.2011 14:00

Support for Richard & Buddy solidaritywithrichardandbuddy@gmail.com

Here are some support pictures you may want to see:

Support Rally Flier 24.Sep.2011 15:45

Support for Richard & Buddy solidaritywithrichardandbuddy@gmail.com

Here is a JPEG file for the Support Rally. Please print and pass out.

a buddy memorial page 24.Sep.2011 19:58