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imperialism & war

Upcoming Occupation / Preoccupation events

presentations by S. Brian Willson, Becky Luening, Veterans' History Project, Ellen Lesperance, & more in the occupation/preoccupation space at TBA
all of these events are in the Occupation/Preoccupation classroom at Washington High School (SE 12th & Stark) Room 107.
more info at  http://http://www.occupationpreoccupation.org/ or via twitter @ocproc

Thursday 9/22 @ 4pm:
Becky Luening "The Lingering Effects Of The American War In Vietnam", + music by Dao Strom
Becky Luening will be screening a 50 min video on Agent Orange / anti-war activism. She will also read some poems by a veteran friend and by a Vietnamese woman who is suffering the effects of Agent Orange.
Following Becky's presentation will be a set of music by Vietnamese American songwriter Dao Strom of The Sea and The Mother. ( http://daostrom.com)

Friday 9/23 @ 4pm:
S. Brian Willson "We Are Not Worth More, They Are Not Worth Less"
Veteran, long-time activist, & "Blood On The Tracks" author S. Brian Willson gives a presentation on his experiences and insights from a lifetime of resistance.

Sunday 9/25 @ 1pm
Ellen Lesperance on women involved in anti-nuke direct actions, A short presentation on the Veterans' History Project, + music performed by Mary Sutton
"This is some of my favorite music, so much so that I had to start notating
and learning to play it as soon as I heard it. (Ethiopiques Vol. 21)
Although it was likely notated at one point in time, to the best of my
knowledge there are no known available scores. Tsegue Maryam Guebrou has
only performed once in the past 40 years, so the opportunity to share this
music with people by playing it live is very special! It is indescribably
Tsegue Maryam Guebrou was born in Ethiopia in 1923, educated in Switzerland,
Italy, and Egypt, and currently lives as a nun in Jerusalem. She was
motivated to record her music to raise money for the orphans she teaches.
Please visit  http://www.emahoymusicfoundation.org/ to learn more about how
you can help her fulfill this goal! Her music is truly a gift."

homepage: homepage: http://www.occupationpreoccupation.org/