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More reports from Wallstreet from S20

News from today re: OccupyWallstreet from various sources: Yahoo hindering activist communique, two people arrested for drawing with chalk on sidewalk released, NYPD maybe blocking cell coverage, one arrestee lost tooth during arrest, police are blocking water and food resupply efforts and confiscated gasoline for generator which is powering the Livestream broadcast.
Occupy Wall Street: Day 4 - NYPD 2 Step: Stomp Ankle & Hop
 link to www.opednews.com


UPDATES from opednews.com

The NYPD 2 Step: Stomp Ankle - Jump by Korgasm

8:30 PM - Two arrested for chalk drawing on NYC sidewalks have been release and are back at the demonstration.

8:00 PM - Camp is growing. General assembly verified 300 new protesters staying tonight.

7:05 PM - Car Pool to OWS listed by state: Here

6:58 PM - (Unconfirmed) Reports now that NY is blocking cell phone signals and internet wifi to Liberty Plaza in NYC.

5:28 PM - A General Assembly meeting has been call in Liberty Plaza for 7 PM tonight.

1:46 PM - March for the 99% set for Thursday @ 5:00 PM Be there!

1:40 PM - Meeting between Labor Unions and OWS set for tonight.

1:30 PM - One arrested protester lost tooth.

On Saturday, September 17th, the first day of the occupation, Wall Street was closed and nobody was allowed near the NYSE. Yesterday, that changed with the beginning of the work week. Can't let some but no others on public street.

The police tactics are now turning to petty harassment and intimidation to discourage others from physically coming to join the protest.

Op-ed News has now confirmed 11 arrests over the 3 plus days record:

Two for protecting video equipment with tarps in the rain this morning.

One for jumping police barrier (photographer/witness said there was no police barrier jumping)

One for chalk drawing/writing on the sidewalk

Two for attempting to enter of Bank of America branch masked, a third perpetrator got away (Kinda' dumb, but it broke the ice. What's demonstration without any arrests? A picnic.)

And four for wearing masks in public.

Plastic handcuffs would not hold on one protester arrested even though he was not resisting. He raised his arm to show the police he was still unrestrained with a total of four plastic straps broken. They tried again. (Is the NYPD getting their supplies from China? Too much melamine, perhaps?)

1:28 PM - OWS says enough with the pizza - send video equipment

11:55 AM- Yahoo Mail is blocking any email with "occupywallst.org" in the message and requiring users do an extra "type letters" security measure.

11:06 AM- Police blocking some water and resupply efforts.

7:50 AM - Three members of the Occupy Wall Street media team arrested for trying to use a tarp to protect communications equipment from rain.

7:45 AM - light rain, police order all tents, tarps and signs down.

Yesterday, the police banned the use of megaphones. The patriot occupiers are getting around this problem by having the audience of any speak repeat short phrases after they are announced.

This morning Occupy Wall Street put out the word that more reinforcements were needed. Last night there was a discussion that the 5,000 in Liberty Plaza would feel more comfortable about deterring any police action if the gathering was at least 10,000.

Earlier, police confiscated gasoline effectively cutting off electrical power provided to the gathering by portable generators. At last report a resupply of gasoline had not arrived and was thought to be delayed or intercepted by heavy police protection around the perimeter of the plaza.

Laptop batteries were needed to continue to power equipment running a live video stream on the internet: Global Revolution.

The live feed was up at about 9:20 p.m. and was expected to last for a couple of hours. By then the number of people watching had dropped to under 3,000 due to the feed being down for hours.

The live video feed was not operating this morning.

During the day the tweeter hashtag #OccupyWallStreet was apparently blocked. Supporters immediately switched to #globalrevolution and #takewallstreet without missing a beat.

Unconfirmed: Roseanne Barr made an appearance and spoke. Police confiscated the gasoline generators. In retrospect, the tweets and other reports coming out of the protest were reliable. If you can confirm the above, please comment.

The Party of Wall Street (please credit Dr. David Harvey for the term) was unimpressed.

Tweets from Goldman Sachs analysts mocked the protesters saying they would protest with a sign: "Goldman Sachs: Win, cheat, or quit. We don't f*cking lose - ever." (Interesting, that would be a good banner for the protesters as well.) Other Wall Street executives claimed they didn't listen to what the protesters were chanting or care.


Posted 1 hour ago by Paaatriot101

Debbie Paulsen> Love you and respect what you are doing:)

I am recovering from cancer, but working diligently from home for exposure so that we the People can move on towards demands. Information supports Yahoo is hindering communications. I have been a news contributor with them for years, since before they took over Associated Content> I wrote the following article, which with my tenure would have normally published automatically< It did not< HERE IS YAHOO MESSAGE TO CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS: "Contributors are currently experiencing multiple site issues, including difficulty staying signed in and/or submitting content. While we are actively addressing these issues, we recommend saving your work in an external program and refraining from submitting content. We will remove this message when site stability returns".


WHAT IS OCCUPY WALL ST. Occupy Wall St. has been called a "pointless sleepover" by some, a "Non Event" by others. Many are impatiently waiting for "something" to "happen"> disappointed, and easily distracted because they "see" no excitement and feel no clear "purpose" to relate to. We The People need to stand firm and be patient, and continue working together to promote awareness and encourage others to "get on board". Become a Board Member for a Better America.


Many people are saying that they are not hearing much on the news and don't understand what Occupy Wall St. stands for, they would like clarification: "What am I getting on "board" for?"
"Every good protest has a specific cause and clear set of demands outlining what is required to end the protest, what are the demands of the Occupy Wall St. movement?"


"Organizing immense masses of individuals does take time. We are divided not only by physical miles, but by cultural and historical, ethical and ethnic space as well. We have many differences of opinion, but we do agree there is "something wrong", and fueled by a sense of compassion and frustration we are coming together, and for the moment that is enough."

Continued unity with open and intelligent discussion and information sharing will determine the most pressing Needs and Concerns of The People.

It will be the NEEDS of the people that will determine the demands;

Until this very complex process is completed specific "demands" will not be presented.

We must first gather and process all of the input and information, only then can a clear, concise presentable list of implementable demands for real change and justice be prepared and presented.".


YES! It is not at all uncommon for media in any country to downplay protests. Occupy Wall St. IS right at the stage it should be right now. Staying calm, and preparing to hunker down for the long haul and hold LIBERTY PARK. The "PURPOSE" at the moment is to create unity, identify resources and locate our most effective leaders. We need individuals at logistics levels, as well as those with communication skills; especially eloquent intelligent spokespeople that can come from the heart and not a page.


SUPPORT THOSE HOLDING LIBERTY PARK> DEMAND MEDIA COVERAGE> No matter what small town you live in you can help. Roaming pickets in front of small town media offices can be a very important initiative at the individual level. You only need 2 or more people to be effective. Choose a location and stroll with your support signs, speaking to pedestrians when possible. If you raise awareness with a few people you have succeeded, if you are asked to leave by authorities, comply, you have succeeded, you got attention. Take pictures, post story anywhere online you can. Use all social utility networks at your disposal to promote promote promote. Call and be heard, ask why this is not on the news. ABC 147 Columbus Ave., Ny, NY Phone: 212-456-7777 BBC America 747 Third Avenue, 6th Floor, NY, NY 10017 Phone: 212-705-9300 CBS News 524 W. 57 St., NY NY, Phone: 212-975-4321 Many Individuals are USING THE MACHINE TO BEAT THE MACHINE> TWITTER CELEBS> TWITTER NEWS AGENCIES> FLOOD FACEBOOK WALLS> DEMAND COVERAGE. Hopefully very soon websites will organize and begin offering pdf. files for literature handouts. Start a webpage&#61514; For example start a SOWS Page, Support Occupation Wall St., providing important links and information such as:

 link to www.livestream.com

Legal help through National Lawyers Guild 212 679 6016 WITNESS FOR THEIR CONTINUED SAFETY>

Follow Livestream and UStream video coverage and comment often.

IF AT ALL POSSIBLE GO TO LIBERTY PARK> If you live in the area offer water, food, or batteries, cell phone time, if nothing else encouragement.

If you can get to New York< reinforcements are and will always be needed.

This will not end next week> the people intend to peacefully occupy Wall st. and hold Liberty Park for months, and they need support so that TPTB know this> speak up for Occupy Wall St.> Let the TPTB and main stream media know this will not end by using the regular response> which is ignoring the people>

When the time is ripe demands will be clarified and presented.

After finding out I could not publish I went a step further:
So I went their Facebook groups page,

I started a new conversation topic thread titled:
Is Recent Submission "Problem" Related to Occupy Wall St.?"
here is link to that FB groups page to comment:

 link to www.facebook.com

Here is what I said> I have been a long standing member here, like many others, for years, and I have never received this message before: "Contributors are currently experiencing multiple site issues, including difficulty staying signed in and/or submitting content. While we are actively addressing these issues, we recommend saving your work in an external program and refraining from submitting content. We will remove this message when site stability returns".

The article in question was titled "What Is Occupy Wall St.". Since I write mainly for pleasure and experience and exposure here it is important to me that my freedom of expression remains free. There are a number of you tube and internet articles claiming Yahoo in particular is hindering Occupy Wall st communications> Input anyone? I am busy with a number of projects but will check in tomorrow for responses. Management level replies welcome too, because I would like to publish my article:)

TY We ARE ALL OUR OWN SPOKESPERSON:) Spread the Love, Keep it peaceful, Hold Liberty Park until we are better organized:) Debra Paulsen Hogansville Ga.

If interested I do have a rough draft for Just such a revolution that I could update< it was written in 2008 I tried to start a Miracle on Pennsylvania Petition:) GL and Stay Safe all