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Livestream - Global revolution

Live feeds and archived footage is all online:
 link to www.facebook.com
Streaming chat ...LIVE feeds and archived footage:  http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

(suggestion) Watch archived footage from Tuesday Morning: "Arrests This Morning @ 7:20" it is archived on LIVESTREAM - popo drag protesters on cement, cuffs makeing hands bleed ... This is not my America ...Faschist Police Hurt Protesters for Wall Street Croonies -

homepage: homepage: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution

Live feed is back on - Wednesday morning 21.Sep.2011 07:02

and off too

The stream is up and down this morning
At 7:00 am PST there was protesters back on the streets (out of the park) - stream was working


Ustream - Live Stream 21.Sep.2011 07:18

2 feeds

Use the Ustream link if the LIVEstream goes down

word from videographer is that if LIVEstream goes down ...they are switching to Ustream (the one Flux is using) - it has lower quality but works

not sure of the Ustream link at the moment

Protesters are out on wall street now!

Ustream from Wall street 21.Sep.2011 07:21

Ben Waiting


Here is Flux's - Usteam link

This channel will be ued if the other LIVEstream goes down

website w/ info 21.Sep.2011 07:47

ben waiting


General information for wall street protest

FB page 21.Sep.2011 07:52


slow motion video clip from Wall Street Occupation 21.Sep.2011 10:25

joe anybody



(copy / paste)

I was curious to see how this event would play out, so I shot from 8pm to 10pm on September 17 at the General Assembly in Zuccotti Park. I was touched by the sense of community, and impressed by the level of cooperation and discipline among the occupiers.

The police presence was large, but they seemed to be under orders not to escalate conflict. Both sides were respectful and non-confrontational.

This is a group of passionate, concerned, and intelligent people. Their behavior in the park suggested a great appreciation of democracy, and a desire to cut through the clogged media and political channels to communicate a message they feel is incredibly important.

This video contains nearly five minutes of raw slow-motion clips that celebrate and document the faces and feelings of September 17.

I wanted to get this out within 24 hours of the shoot. Anyone who knows me will understand what a monumental power of will it took for me to leave this largely unedited. :)

I hope you enjoy it.

-Eric Brown

Song is "The Healer avec Modlee (Badu remix)"
by VLOOPER:  http://vlooper.bandcamp.com/

window cam 21.Sep.2011 10:42


wall street window cam (off air as I post this)@ 10:45 AM

OCCUPY - WS 21.Sep.2011 11:07


pic of wall street flyer

France stream 21.Sep.2011 11:11


chat link 21.Sep.2011 11:16



IRC chat

wall street chat

Could the Wall Street takeover be the start of a new movement in the US? 21.Sep.2011 15:36


 link to current.com

Could the Wall Street takeover be the start of a new movement in the US?

lawyers opinion 21.Sep.2011 17:02



Legal opinion from the street

videos from wall st. 21.Sep.2011 17:08


.gov site down in NY 21.Sep.2011 17:45

video pass

NYcity website down from ANNON


video explains it

Twitter Users 21.Sep.2011 18:13


#occupywallstreet is the hashtag search for info on WallStreet protest


Olbermann Link 21.Sep.2011 20:20

Ben Waiting


Olbermann Link on Youtube

Donation URL for Media Team 22.Sep.2011 07:34

Joe Anybody

To help the Media team

Here is their Donation Link


They do need assistance

It is Day 6

Carpooling to NYC - FB page 22.Sep.2011 08:11


Carpool Information URL link to FaceBook

Posted on DAY 6


FB page for Global Revolution 22.Sep.2011 08:19


Using the IMC Chat 22.Sep.2011 10:49


Daily Kos Link 22.Sep.2011 17:51


The Daily KOS

 link to www.dailykos.com)

Tue Sep 20, 2011 at 01:00 PM PDT.

#OccupyWallStreet video MUST. GO. VIRAL. (They fear a class war, let's give em one!)

Adbusters (info from a blog) 22.Sep.2011 19:06

Joe Anybody

Poster and pictures 22.Sep.2011 19:52

Occupy Wall Street

pictures and flyers for this protest in NY

 link to inventorspot.com

over 700 in Wall st march 22.Sep.2011 20:53

Be Here Now

over 700 in the march today Thursday 9/22 in NY

March was in solidarity w/ Troy Davis

6 Arrested


update from CHAT room 22.Sep.2011 21:04


8 arrested tonight Thursday/9/22

Picture 22.Sep.2011 23:06

of the popo blocking

picture from thursday evening
Police are blocking streets (late nite)

twitter search code #occupywallst

nuff said 22.Sep.2011 23:23

we are ...

Video: from my monitor 22.Sep.2011 23:56

Ben Waiting


Scenshot w/ Pandora music in background
Thursday Night wall street protest

In Solidarity with those protesting in NY City!

abc video 24.Sep.2011 17:25


mainstream media [abc] decides to cover the mass arrests on Day 8 in NY City Wall Street protest


peppersprayed eyes Day 8 24.Sep.2011 19:32


Here is a link with pictures of some of the DAY 8 arrests

 link to www.buzzfeed.com

There is video clips and FB comments, and pictures of peppersprayed eye on this link

Finaly hitting mainstream 24.Sep.2011 19:41

Daily News Picture

Another link form the IRC chat 24.Sep.2011 20:06


NY Times comments (favorably)

 link to community.nytimes.com

cop throws wall street ... 24.Sep.2011 20:20

Ben Waiting

 link to gawker.com

Cop throws Wall street protester article

Looks like the ongoing #OccupyWallSt protest against corporations got a bit tense on its eighth day, with lots of cops present for today's march to Union Square and the official protest home page reporting at least 80 arrests.

Folks on the ground photographed several of the arrests, with some Twitterers reporting that NYPD officers targeted protesters with cameras and people who tried to film the day's events. Besides maybe getting a bit huffy with a cop (or talking with his hands too wildly?), taking photos seems to be the only "crime" committed by the young man in the above video—who was thrown to the ground while standing in what seems to be a non-threatening manner. Maybe he was much more intimidating in person? Maybe we're missing something? Seems a bit excessive.

more ...

Huffington Post weighs in on #Occupywallstreet 24.Sep.2011 21:27

Joe Anybody ((( i )))


Occupy Wall Street Protest Escalates On Eighth Day (VIDEO) and Comments

Cop in Red Jaket Video - Filming The Cops - Marissa Gets Arrested 24.Sep.2011 21:50

We Love Marissa


9/24/2011 Marissa Holmes Forcefully Arrested #occupywallstreet

This happened this morning. Marissa was simply filming and the cops forcefully surrounded her, did not read her her rights, did not give her any reason for arrest despite the fact that she was not resisting arrest. She was violently handled!

video from my computer monitor screen - rally at police station - crowd view 24.Sep.2011 23:01

Joe Anybody

Let Them Go
Rally Outside of Police station on Friday night


Video from my monitor


LINKS - LINKS and LINKS 25.Sep.2011 13:46

Joe Anybody ((( i ))) iam@joe-anybody.com



The Main website is for this protest here:


Main DONATE website info:




Pizza Order Line
 link to www.seamless.com


For the media team funds / donation link use;


For the Petittion Link use:

[Mr.Obama, this is a petition for you to publicly recognize, whether in a live speech, or in one of your weekly youtube addresses, the #occupywallstreet movement that is currently taking place in NYC.....]


For the General Assembly Page look here:


Twitter: #occupywallstreet #occupywallst


IRC Chat  http://chat.indymedia.org/
[server] irc.indymedia.org
[channel] #occupywallstreet
[*Free] software for Chat:  http://02.chat.mibbit.com/


118A FULTON ST #205
NEW YORK, NY 10038




List of Needs form protesters


Where: Liberty Square (map-->  http://nycga.cc/?page_id=399 )
Donations: NYCGA Donation Page
Help & Directions: +1 (877) 881-3020
General:  Inquiriesgeneral@occupywallst.org
Press:  Inquiriespress@occupywallst.org


CARPOOL FaceBook Page is here:



LIVE Streaming Video [streaming *live since 9/17/11]

TINY URL LINK --> TO THIS INFORMATION:  http://tiny.cc/h9gvo

check out the discussions 25.Sep.2011 14:39

Fourm General


Subject Started by Replies Views Last Post Donations: Occupy Wall Street daniwan 2 17 Today at 1:13pm
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by Anonymouse321 Protest Arrests Anonymouse321 1 9 Yesterday at 4:04pm
by Anonymouse321 Recognize the men and women occupying wall street

Read more:  http://globalrev-demands.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general#ixzz1Z0EbqUL6

Link to "Occupy Together" website 25.Sep.2011 15:38

Ben Waiting


This site is connecting all the occupy protest sites together

Solidarity = Love


Video of Arrests & Beating by cops 25.Sep.2011 23:35


Video of mass arrests / beat downs by the cops in NY


3 min in

6 min in

peaceful march gets NY cops fist and organe nets


Anonymous -- Blogspot - occupywallstreet coverage 26.Sep.2011 12:32


Anonymous Worldwide

This website from Anon. is covering the Protest at Wall Street


[This link was added on portland.indymedia on Day 10]


Take That #



A Good Analysis 28.Sep.2011 02:29

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

Day 12 - Good Analysis on the past weeks activities in NY on Wall Street

 link to www.alternet.org

"The orange mesh net came out on Saturday and the #OccupyWallSt Twitter hashtag was filled with warnings from those who had been there in 2004. "Anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of the net, even if they were just out buying milk, is going to be arrested," New York blogger and activist Phillip Anderson said." ... [more]

police abuse protesters / corporate medai covers up 29.Sep.2011 15:03


The corporate media black out and police abuse coverup is documented here