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Video: STOP THE F-ing WAR Protest 9.9.11 - Jobs Not War message for Oct 6

This was filmed at the weekly anti war protest by Individuals For Justice in Portland at the Hawthorne Bridge. In this video The Lone Vet introduces a local activist who will be in DC on Oct 6 2011.
At the weekly "Stop the F -ing WAR's Protest" we hear from a Portlander heading to DC to speak out against the on gong US wars.

A short video about why October 6th in DC is important and the simple 3 word message "JOBS NOT WAR" that the activists and citizens will be conveying.

(video 4:09)

homepage: homepage: http://www.individualsforjustice.com

Video 2 from same day 21.Sep.2011 23:21

Joe Anybody

(13 min. video)

Obama's Job Speech - Hear Barbara from Individuals for Justice explain the ideas behind the WPA work program and ideas for future job programs using some of the same job-making type of theories.

Filmed at the anti-war protest on the Hawthorne bridge on Friday 9.9.11