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Good things do happen, in Portland.

Homeless selling T-shirts may help them get off the street.

www.liv-n-on-the-streets.com is doing great things, here in the Portland Metro aria. "Nick is a 69 Years old and Homeless Viet Nam Vet." Says Anthony W. Antolic, the founder of Living On The Streets Incorporated. "We donate a unit of product to Nick to sell, for every shirt that is bought. One of the issues that a homeless man faces, is a lack of opportunity to better their position. So it accrued to me that I may be able to provide that opportunity for at lease a small number of Homeless Americans. We provide shirts with the faces of Homeless Americans, to the same people whose faces are on the shirts. The product is given to the homeless with no cost to them, so they can sell the shirt and keep the profit. This program is meant to provide a way for the homeless to work their way off of the streets. After they sell the first batch the participant well be required to buy the product at cost. In this way the individual can rebuild his or her sense of independence.

!!!!!!!!!! 19.Sep.2011 07:43


Please, please, I beg you. Someone PLEASE tell me that this is a joke.

Gipper's dream come true! 19.Sep.2011 13:05


The Great Charlatan must be beaming. Sure 'n' thar's a wee twinkle in his eye!

This is the mature embodiment of orthodox Reaganomics! (Ha! And you though it merely meant delivering pizzas to each other!)
"My yacht got floated, did yours?"

If 19.Sep.2011 16:21

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

If this is a joke, it isn't funny. If it isn't a joke, it is funny, but then again isn't.

do not take seriously 20.Sep.2011 05:11


"Through Christ we find hope for those who have none."

It's not a joke, per`say. It's just more lousy religious cheap bullshit capitalism. A scam, mostly.