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When $1 dollar bills will be worth as much as $100 bills?

When will $1 bills be worth as much as $100 bills?
Simple answer.

We as a country have damaged ourselves.

When an 8 year old child in another land can do your job in some sweatshop, it says more about you, than it does about the system you voted into power.
If we can't change the system, at best we can only change ourselves. Survival skills will keep you and your loved ones alive during the coming decades.
Those of us who receive payment in US Dollars are in for a big shock during the next few years. At some point one US Dollar may become as important as $100 dollars.
I can wipe my ass once with $100 bill, but I can start a hundred cooking fires, and wipe my ass one hundred times with 100 one dollar bills.
So, always ask for the lowest denomination.