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Report Back - Bogus Post -- Pioneer Courthouse Square - Day of Rage

What the heck?

Virtually no one showed up. The ones that did brought signs to varying degrees stating "No Corporate Person-hood". One person promoting the internet and wikileak.

Hum at the highest point of participation, I'd estimate the crowd at 30.

As per the post on Indy:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/09/410495.shtml

"As an expression of democracy in action, people are encouraged to also act spontaneously with a diversity of tactics. Come with your friends and a plan!

"Resources & Idea - Bring signs (ie No War But Class War, Eat the Rich, Demand Everything)- Bring noisemakers including pots and pans, air horns, conch shells, trumpets, whatever you see fit. These are all legal and encouraged. - Bring monopoly money"


Not a soul in site that would represent such ideas. Clearly the organizers and participants of this event were very removed from the Indy type of promotion or advertising.

Kind of like the post was intended to sabotage the event? Or to attempt to radicalize the protest?


Or you got me?

ummmmm 17.Sep.2011 14:41

joe anybody

I went to this and disagree, with your assumptions. At on point I counted 75 people. Video coming soon.

numbers 17.Sep.2011 15:01

joe anybody

when i arrived there were about 70 in Pioneer Sq (around 12 noon)

as the march went around the surrounding blocks the ammount of activists dwindled down to the 30 average that is mentioned

when i left the march after the bank of america protest - the number of protesters was under 2 dozen

police lingering "all around" when it started ..... none were seen by the end(?) of the march at the bank

The picture shows about 50 17.Sep.2011 15:45

joe anybody

OK ....here is a picture when I arrived

Looks more like 50 than 70 (or 30)
Day of Rage Protest - Portland Oregon
Day of Rage Protest - Portland Oregon

WTF 17.Sep.2011 17:23


What do you expect when you post the event the day before...

not surprised 17.Sep.2011 19:24


Even at a top estimate of 75 people, that's well below the 135 who pledged to attend on the group's facebook page. Sounds like your standard Portland activism: folks make all this noise on-line and fail to deliver in real life. It's great that some people showed up, but clearly it fell well below the hyperbowl that was expressed both here and on said fb page.

And it's certainly been the case before, where afew people have made a huge stink about something here, only to not at all follow through with it in real life. Typically, planned protests of music shows that never materialized.

Also, the weather has been quite unfavorable today. This alone likely detered many people. I at least hope to see video/pics from today's action. However underwhelming it might've been. It goes to documentaion and might even aid in strategy/tactics for future actions.

commend 17.Sep.2011 20:45


I commend this action! They are doing this back east and hope it will catch on.