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Nato Is Murdering Civilian Men, Women and Children In Libya!

Clearly Nato is pushing the old American doctrine of unconditional surrender in Libya
Nato Is Murdering Civilian Men, Women and Children In Libya.

By Lloyd Hart

Clearly Nato is pushing the old American doctrine of unconditional surrender in Libya as they did in WWII creating a brutal ending for civilians and combatants alike. Just as in WWII, civilians are being slaughtered by a brutal bombing campaign that civilians in America and Europe should be ashamed of. In WWII Franklin Roosevelt declared the allies would only accept an unconditional surrender from Japan, Germany and Italy which led to the fire bombings of European and Japanese cities with napalm killing millions of civilians. It is as if we have completely ignored recent history in Iraq and Afghanistan and allowed our demonic thirst for the control of the world oil supply to trump all our senses and allow our leaders to twist the facts so wickedly that we have grown callous where we once responded to the plight of our fellow civilians around the world

By demanding an unconditional surrender from Gaddafi and the tribes loyal to him Nato is forcing Gaddafi and the tribes loyal to him to fight to the death as ones own safety is uncertain especially when violent, murderous, racist reprisals are being committed against Gaddafi supporters and black workers in Nato captured territory by Nato's stooge pan Arab mercenary thugs. Allowing ones own enemy to maintain their dignity and safety through a negotiated ceasefire and conditional surrender goes along way to maintaining a lasting peace but the Americans and the Europeans have developed a colonial campaign system of total demonization of the enemy and therefore total destruction of the enemy. All through the Nato campaign to capture Libya' oil, Gaddafi has been offering negotiations which have been rejected out of hand with Nato demanding Gaddafi's surrender first, which is of course, complete hypocrisy as the International criminal court has brought charges against Gaddafi and his sons forcing them to fight to the death as the ICC is a racist colonial tool apart of the colonial campaign system of total demonization of the enemy and therefore total destruction of the enemy.

And because the Nato terrorist attacks on Libyan civilians is being led by America's first black president who is a democrat, there is almost complete silence from the Bush Regime's Iraq war critics. Where are the American and British peace movements now? The Labour party can't really speak up because they helped America murder 1.5 million Iraqi's to capture that country's oil for British Petroleum. So the leaders of the of the European and American elected left have been neutered and the civilian slaughter goes on.

After bill Clinton manufactured the political situation in the nineties by signing an executive order preventing UN troops from taking action according to their traditional mandate to protect civilians, which then led to UN troops standing on the sidelines while the Rwandan genocide continued before their very eyes and with Clinton defacto replacing UN troop deployments with the Nato thugs, civilians are now treated as collateral damage in all of Nato's deployments like the ridiculous bombing of Kosovo. A traditional UN troop deployment would have been a slow but steady march forward by ground troops constantly negotiating with the combatants to divide their forces to an negotiated peaceful settlement but thanks to Bill Clinton and now Barrack Obama, Nato, commanded by white racist conservatives is running a colonial racist agenda in Afghanistan and Libya. Which will spread to the rest of oil, mineral and farmland rich Africa.

The question the white racist people of Europe and American must ask themselves is when the fuck will we mind our own fucking business and stay out of other peoples countries and stop stealing other people's resources? Do our wasteful life styes here in the west trump the lives of children in Bani Walid or in Serte?

If their are sane people in Europe and America then it is time for us to topple the completely unrepentant racist war machine we call our governments and replace them with actual democracies instead of these financial dictatorships where we simply get to vote in a rigged system for the less worst puppet controlled by the financial dictators of banking and commerce.

At least under Gaddafi the people had much greater financial democracy than the west with free health care, free education and constant spending to keep the bellies of Libyan children full of good food. Now Nato is bombing Libyan children to death when their UN mandate is to protect them.

Civilian deaths in Libya: who's killing who?