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Treking In The Rare Hazards

In this point of time since fate was distant at a very young age, and boredom was at the juncture of life, awfully associated to illed people.
The endeavor for verification of an intelligence fund of ISAFP was demanding while they as well exploit every sufferers, victims that they could kidnap. The police were high on drugs when catching offenders from side to side and to the back or front. And when you cross down the streets of Taft Avenue, up to the streets of Blumentrit were also some extra crooks payable by meth following the PRESS or other hacked elements. The intrigues were phoned by some people who were called human transmitters. This method used by the police, military, government officials and other so called authorized personnel were tried in other countries to detect criminal elements. The transmitters were called "mediums" by the FBI. It was approximated that in the vicinity, people affiliated or in some companies commanded of orders to monitor the ones that were not contacted by the authorities. Communicating through a virus from a computer mind reader installed reportedly by the government definitely by the military. Skulking around the gutter of Dagupan Road pointing towards the towers of Binondo Manila while several ones abuses other's liberation when extorting calls from the cell phone. Hacking their accounts according to the Associated Press. At a very certain point and realizing to rather drink wine or beer, an indication of progress signifies early now since infrastructure increases as well as those english speaking vendors who could had been an NBI agent.

In a daily basis from a view of a drug-free individual, serenity for all time. So called agents were mostly faggots pretending as some men but from some other syndicative elements before. Informations which were announced through the computer of the surveyors were transmitted around to Bulacan area, a province of modest behavior and everyday report from the media and other people were chit-chats and mostly allegations about evil stories.
After 3 days from a seminar in a life insurance corporation, some tip-off a plot of several trespass acts to kidnap foreigners in Manila. The streets were politely calming down purchasers of drugs while the sellers were notified about the paparazzi surveillance and that it would bring some pimps for the Caucasians, ignoring the thugs who transported fake speed for the white nerd victims. Remaining in the delay of the scene some say that the place was boring. Subsequent to that, impressive PR in the internet about politicians, celebrities, and other individuals were reported through electronic media, thieves around the places from Valenzuela City to Manila were some rebel soldiers from provinces prowl behind the crowd that greets you everyday. Amidst the majority of the population, the majority that you see in the street, the people that was educated long before the hacking occurred. As days passed, everybody in the list of the government was verified as reported so every case was checked. Nobody told Gutternation Publications about the truth (a DIY publication) and it was only identical to compare the killings and cases which involved police matters in the media. The kidnapping of Ces Drillon was a cue for an execution after Gutternation left the constrained area of the NBI and was blown by the news, bearing the combat in NCR. A morning in Wednesday and another journalist was slain, premeditatedly pursuing to go to a festival but of course the stings that blows inside my mind, enemies that wouldn't capitulate 'till they die.

Monster looking stalkers at Thursday still never gave up distantly, people were ordinary looking and beyond their characteristics were a cult from another country. "The former mentally retardate ladies & gentlemen was on the phone ready to answer questions from your highness". A pity beyond human nature which was caused by a negligence for some secrets about insane people, and the mental institutions were hiring agents for a maneuver, a setup for the so called rich & famous in this hanuman's land. Or to secure money from their victims.

Abounding metropolis apparent with the panorama of a conurbation celebrating economic triumph in stockmarkets, finance, investments and other several factors that created to rise these infrastructures in Binondo. Staring upward to the site were tall buildings that few of them were under-construction. Duping mugs gazing while examining targets and preys around their area adulating the most pregnant monster in the killing field. Loads of citizens around embracing the area where centers were complete, various of all kinds of products with the sway that chinese owners were common. Alongside a street was a clean asphalt road shadowy of the entire surrounding, walking pedestrians at both sides since it was the run of the mill and habitually sauntering the obscure boulevard while lots of deprived natives hovers around the concrete. Stings at every sides putting off for lot's of moments like snatchers, the kings and queens of the underground drug scene. Garbage at the end of the first road around Escolta by which the bureau office of one of the pioneers in the insurance business is located, the former Pilipinas Life Insurance Corporation. The populace was thick and chinese looking but the majority were Filipinos shopping and hanging back just like a Christmas day in December - full of shopping spree for very very cheap prices. As the night was passing and stores were closing off, adversaries awaits beside roads while one scoffing his face while eating stool on the pavement, insane hobos from provinces. Some say it's not Ananda Marga but the NPA who were absurdly insane but ugly though not verified. Fools at your side, some members of the cult counting your blessings and karma while selling drugs in the streets and greet you ananda marga or hare Krishna. They're the ones deciding who will stalk who or who will kill who, as primitive as a barbarian, an enemy who stares at in the eye after an introduction was but a coward pretender who desires the money from your pocket. A cheap homo description of a person. A cult without god but money and some so called gods including Satan. Some of them will die in hell!

After 5 days, coming home from a gig was somewhat prudencial pictogram for it was a blooper while figuring out a strange confrontation of cowards from inner barrios in the areas. Cars on the road, women customary snubish, vendors speaking French, or the military when without proper education affects your existence that you wouldn't have the right anymore because it was a province out of fields. The cows, the goats and even marijuana leaves hopefully at that stance. The pipes under the sink needed repair as well as the holes on the roof, a little havoc at noon. Another store houses at the sides bursting of supply goods for retail and wholesale while back from the first spot road was convenient stores dealing for vast bargaining. Cops at the corners of the area supposedly inquiring for the surname of Matus klan but disgraceful to that deportment. I rode a taxi to my mother's house and along the way were various scenes of individuals walking along the National Road, some were beggars or cons, some rides in luxury vehicles coming from huge mansions, warehouses, ..etc. While other pagans along the road carries sacks of baggage coping harder 'till the body collapse because of heavy weights at their back and the very hot sun like the el nino. A broken hope or a future of torture for the weak simply because they did not worshipped the god of their enemy. The chubby schizophrenic son of a police chief and, or a former inmate now carrying ABS-CBN's ID pimping off women in Manila and selling drugs. These were the gods of horror, pretentious of their valor specially the ones of ABS's who supplies drugs to whores very anxious about some cops would kill them because they were and still the drug cartel led by a lesbian named Rudy Montero, kilos of epectus. I arrived home 10:30.