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Refugees and migrants are tortured in Greece

Medical treatment and legal aid is required for the victims of tortures (at least three of them are of Kurdish origin; therefore, may very well be prima facie refugees) who are being detained after the raid of the Greek police in Egoumenitsa, Greece on 18 August 2011.
The victim seen on the pictures (an irregular migrant allegedly from Morocco who may also be either a refugee or stateless) was arrested at the hospital where he had gone in order to receive treatment after having been tortured during the aforementioned raid. The wounds inflicted upon him are depicted at six of the photographs provided at the following link of the Athens Indymedia Organisation along with pertinent information (provided in Greek language):


The remaining two pictures, which focus on the head (of another victim) with stiches above the ear, depict wounds reported to have been received by tear gas riffle-grenades shot at a straight line to the heads of protesters from a distance of 10 metres, by the forces of the Greek police during the protests which took place on May 2011.

There has been no update since 22 August 2011 as regards both the aforementioned victims of tortures and the rest of the detainees who have also been tortured during the aforementioned raid.

The authors of the original post (in Athens Indymedia Organisation) contacted the Office of the High Commission for Refugees in Greece and saved the life of an Iraqi Kurdish who has been suffering from an extremely serious health condition caused by an American bomb thrown during the last war.

Nevertheless, it has still not been made known whether the aforementioned victim with the critical health condition has been awarded refugee status despite the fact that he, too, has been a prima facie refugee.

The following are the links to the pictures: