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This Saturday - Pioneer Courthouse Square - Day of Rage

US Day of Rage - in coordination with the occupation of Wall Street - Saturday September 17th. Pioneer Courthouse Square. Taking back our lives one square at a time...

Facebook event page -  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=257426814290207

Follow @USDayofRageOR on Twitter

Here is the mapped route for the day:  http://g.co/maps/e6pd4

At 11:00AM to 3pm on Saturday, September 17th people will gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square - 701 Southwest 6th Avenue in Portland, Oregon 97204.

We will rally in the Square until 12:00PM while telling passersby about our message, waving signs, handing out information, performing simple skits and making a lot of noise. At 12:00PM we will exit Pioneer Square onto SW Broadway heading southwest towards SW Main St. We will turn left onto SW Main St. and march east toward SW 5th Avenue. We will turn left onto SW 5th Avenue and stop at the Bank of America at 1001 Southwest 5th Avenue. We will cluster in front of the building and begin protesting peacefully but powerfully, as thoughtful citizens do.

If we are forced to move, we will loop back around the block by heading north on SW 5th Avenue, turning left onto SW Salmon St., left onto SW 6th Avenue, left onto SW Main St. and left again onto SW 5th Avenue. We will repeat this loop as many times as necessary.

As an expression of democracy in action, people are encouraged to also act spontaneously with a diversity of tactics. Come with your friends and a plan!

Resources & Ideas

Bring signs (ie No War But Class War, Eat the Rich, Demand Everything)

Bring noisemakers including pots and pans, air horns, conch shells, trumpets, whatever you see fit. These are all legal and encouraged.

Bring monopoly money

Dress up (like below)

Here are some more ideas  http://backbonecampaign.org/page.cfm?id=163


email - reposted here 16.Sep.2011 07:35


This is info from email I had today from WND


Fight "market dictatorship"

"People of the world rise up!"

"We are legion."

"Take to the streets."

These and other battle cries were posted on the recent Twitter feed of a group calling itself Take The Square. The organization is one of the social media planners behind the "Day of Rage" protest slated to target Wall Street on Saturday.

WND previously reported how the U.S. section of the protest, complete with a planned tent city in downtown Manhattan, is closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S. unions, including the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.

Read more: Is revolution hitting U.S. streets tomorrow?  http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=345321#ixzz1Y7smxlfN

is this a permitted march? 16.Sep.2011 12:19

would like to know

would like to know if this is a permitted march or not so that can properly prepare.

Wouldn't want to rage without a permit... 16.Sep.2011 14:02



Guess What 16.Sep.2011 14:13

I dont know

I don't know but let me take a WILD guess

"There is no stinking permit" --- now that is just my guess

also the banks did not approve of this planned protest nor the Portland Business Association ;-)

map 16.Sep.2011 14:39


The map of the route

in front of bank 17.Sep.2011 14:57

joe anybody


short cell phone video from in front of Bank of America

Video: Day of Rage Protest 18.Sep.2011 20:15

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Part 1

Part 2

I arrived at 12 noon and this is what I filmed on 9/17/11 at the Day of Rage Protest in Portland Oregon.

VIDEO : 2 clips from 9.17.11 19.Sep.2011 12:28

joe anybody

VIDEO: 2 clips from the --> Portland Day of Rage <-- posted here on PIMC

PDX 9.17.11
PDX 9.17.11