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World Week for the Abolition of Meat: 23-30 Sept 2011

The idea is to claim loud and clear that it is not only the duty of each individual to stop supporting the murderous exploitation required by the consumption of animal flesh and "by-products", but that it is also, therefore, the duty of societies as a whole to declare themselves for the banning of farming, fishing and hunting.
Call for the upcoming WWAM:
23 Sept-30 Sept 2011

As you know, the past World Week for the Abolition of Meat [  link to www.meat-abolition.org ] throughout the world.

The next WWAM [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/call ] will take place, as planned, between 23 September and 30 September 2011.

The aim is to promote again and again the idea that the production and consumption of animal flesh must be abolished [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/presentation ].

Advocating the abolition of meat is the logical extension of vegetarianism or veganism. People who are against bull-fighting do not only ask the public to boycott bull-fighting events, they ask for bull-fighting to be banned. The opponents of "foie gras" do not only advise people against buying it, they want force feeding to be banned. Why would the opponents of meat be the only ones to restrict themselves to giving individual advice?

The refusal to eat meat can be seen as a political boycott and as the expression of one's support for the demand for abolition similar to the campaign for the abolition of slavery in Britain at the end the 18th century where 300,000 people boycotted the sugar produced from slave plantations.

The movement for the abolition of meat is a political act: its aim is to get the public to adhere to the idea that meat should be banned. Its objective is that human societies, one after another, decide to ban the production, sale, and consumption of meat.

The idea is to claim loud and clear that it is not only the duty of each individual to stop supporting the murderous exploitation required by the consumption of animal flesh and "by-products", but that it is also, therefore, the duty of societies as a whole to declare themselves
for the banning of farming, fishing and hunting.

This form [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/node/add/announcement ] is at your disposal: please publish announcements as soon as possible (even if dates and events are still tentative).

You can find material here [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/resources ].

For widespread visibility, it is also up to us to:

- post this call, circulate it widely and publish it on the indymedia [  http://www.indymedia.org/en/index.shtml ] (please let us know about your publications at contact(at)meat-abolition.org);

- contact the media about the demand for the abolition of meat and about the events that will be organized around it;

- print and distribute leaflets, brochures and/or posters that are available on the "ressources" page [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/resources ];

If it is not yet published, please send in your logo (maximum 150 pixels for length and width) so that it can be posted on the "groups" page [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/content/partakers ].

All the best with your events!

Contact: contact(at)meat-abolition.org

WWAM organization: meat-abolition.org

Short, introductory texts: For a world-wide movement for the abolition of meat [  http://meatabolition.blogspot.com/ ]

Frequently asked questions [  http://www.meat-abolition.org/en/faq ]

For in-depth information: "Meat Abolition" brochure [  http://abolir-la-viande.org/pdf/meat-abolition.pdf ]

French-language discussion group:  http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/abolitiongroup/
To subscribe, send a blank message to: abolitiongroup-subscribe(at)yahoogroups.com

English-language international discussion group list:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meatabolition
To subscribe, send a blank message to: meatabolition-subscribe(at)yahoogroups.com

Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Meat-abolition/247106198663377

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homepage: homepage: http://www.meat-abolition.org

Meat will always be eaten by humans. 15.Sep.2011 21:40

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

All of nature is sentient not just animals. Here is the universal formula for understanding the planet and the universe: It's all alive, it all thinks therefore it all makes decisions.

With this formula as an operating principal humans will eventually learn to travel across the universe to sing our songs for the pleasure of plants and critters on other planets. As long as you respect all of it as your equal it considers it a great compliment that you would eat it. Now the miss treatment of our fellow critters in horrible gaged environments with no respect whatsoever for the freedom all things feel is nothing but the greatest disrespect and insult you can pay those critters and this planet that spawned us all.

The veg heads like to think they are on a higher moral ground but in reality they just haven't discovered the secret life of plants. Plants respond to the same love and affection all critters do. And if you watch them close enough you will see that they are communicating with you.

Good luck veg heads.

People will not always eat meat 16.Sep.2011 12:31

holy cow

evolve human to understand we are what we eat-- Smart humans eventually come to realize that meat and the production of "meat" is the numbing of our spiritual growth and the degradation of the health of our bodies and currently is the number one cause of death to and on our planet. So eat wisely because what you put on your fork does impact more than yourself --

Plants do not have a central nervous system or a face so i will continue to happily eat what goodness they provide--

We are a nation of baby eaters and only sickness comes from such blatant disregard for other animals.

We are all animals on this planet and cows, chickens, pigs, lambs, fish,humans, and horses are friends NOT FOOD or slaves for corporate cruelty and mass consumption--you and your planet will die a diseased sack of flesh -- if you continue to eat carcass.

woo 16.Sep.2011 12:41


Lloyd, You are using spirituality as an excuse for the continued exploitation non-human animals. Most, if not all, plants lack a central nervous system and do not experience anything that resembles sentients. Your statement "It's all alive, it all thinks therefore it all makes decisions" is not a statement founded upon any scientific or rational thinking bases, but one of superstition. The mythology of Christianity has been used for the last 2,000 to uphold and reinforce some of the most horrendous exploitation and oppression against both human and non-human animals, don't allow your new age spiritual woo woo be used to continue that same tradition.

Everything Is Alive ar! 16.Sep.2011 13:42

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Physics has already proven that ions make decisions. My formula "It's all alive, it all thinks therefore it all makes decisions." is the last step of human evolution before we are allowed to travel outside our solar system. You can't travel at faster than the speed of light without the intellectual cooperation of sub atomic particles and your wrong about plants, they can identify human plant murderers. It has been proven in double blind experiments that a plant attached to a lie detector reacts to the specific individual that violently destroys a fellow plant in the same room even when the plant is exposed to a hundred different individuals after the plant murderer leaves the room and comes back in after the hundred other circulates through.

What you claim I'm practicing as spirituality I say is simply the" Unified Field Theory" which my formula solves. Just to get out of bed every day you must trust and respect your ions. If you betray your ions your ions create an imbalance that eventually kills you. Good luck with your christian controlled and edited out dated physics and I will keep talking to my plant friends as my equals.