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NATO's Gift to Libya: Ethnic Cleansing of African Citizens

With all of this praise heaped upon a newly "liberated" Libya, people must be made aware the fact that a pointless RACIST campaign of ethnic cleansing is currently being committed against darker-skinned Libyan citizens and African migrants. The NATO/OBAMA/SARKOZY-SPONSORED REBEL FIGHTERS are behind these racist atrocities.
Just to be clear, Muammar Qaddafi is a tyrant. But the opposition has proven to be NO BETTER - worse infact! Rebel Anti-Gaddafi fighters, the so-called "liberators" - backed by NATO/USA/EUROPE - are murdering blacks REGARDLESS of citizenship and loyalty! Gaddafi has used some mercenaries from other parts of Africa. However, MOST of the blacks being murdered by RACIST NATO-backed rebels have been un-armed innocent civilians! Many of the victims are life-long citizens of the country. SAY HELLO TO THE NEW LIBYA! THANKS, NATO! THANKS OBAMA! THANK YOU, SARKOZY AND U.N.!!!!!