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Video: Picketing of Papa Murphy's franchise continues

Former employees and supporters continue to rally outside of Papa Murphy's Pizza franchise locations on NE Fremont in Portland.
Jobs With Justice joins the fight
Jobs With Justice joins the fight

The fight still continues as former employees stand in solidarity with other community supporters in picketing weekly at all three locations on NE Fremont in Portland. It all
started on July 1st when former employees Dennise and Cherise Mofidi, along with other
former workers, decided to form the "YER" (Youth Empowerment Revolution) and organized a
picket outside of the 15th and Fremont store. This action started as a bi-weekly protest,
but now has grown to a weekly rally starting at 4pm on Fridays and moves to all three
locations. Joe Anybody and I have been covering this issue for two months now and we are
in full support. Most people we have encountered have been for the cause but a select few
have shown negativity and taken a confrontational stand. For those who are not familiar
with this action, these protests regard racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and a
lack of breaks, which the former employees who are picketing experienced. Workers have
been called names such as the N-word, the F-word (regarding homosexuals), and have been
referred to with sexually explicit comments. These accusations center around a store
manager by the name of Rick App, who has not made comment or been reprimanded for these
accusations by the franchise owner. The owner, Rawza Inc., has denied comment and has not
moved to resolve this issue. There is currently an open investigation with the Bureau Of
Labor and Industry, and there is a movement to file a private law suit in conjunction.

If you are interested in this story and would like to know more, you can email the YER
organizers at  papamurphyspicketing@yahoo.com

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Friday protest is 3 to 7 15.Sep.2011 11:56



Just want to remind everyone that we are pickteing the 71st store on Fremont at 3-7. Due to school starting up again we have changed the hours to picket at their busiest time of the day. Our meeting place will be in the Safeway parking lot still. Thanks for all your support!

Solidarity Forever!!