Thanks! I never had any idea this book existed with that album. Its a helluva manifesto. "The hippies now wear black." Priceless Reading this, it makes you feel as if the early punk movement was wearing black to mourn what the 1970's corporate backlash did to the people's movements, feminism, and radical left. I guess that was one in a number of deaths in the strides made in dismantling a racist, violent, misogynist, greed driven culture. We are still fighting this stuff now.

My first venture into radical left politics was done in this 1980's style, album jacket reading room. Opening an LP then is like opening PIMC now. Reading Dead Kennedies lyrics- those were the days. It reminds you that the movement doesn't require internet access and the human spirit drives activism and not tools.

I've been thinking about how each generation inherits the never ending battle against being slaves to the rich. From the Wobblies, to the 1970's and punk, to the streets of Seattle, the war carries on. Fighting it steals away some soul away from the grasp of that cold, self serving materialism of the rich.