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She Cried for Help But U.S. Commission Does Nothing

Victim takes life after being denied help.
Sad Night
Sad Night
Pam A. felt it was her last hope to get well and lead a normal life, when the Bio-ethics commissioned received her letter of complaint about being electro-magnetically targeted victim since the 1950's. But no help came, and the commission went so far as to deny further testimony from targeted individuals by their letter of 7/27/11.

Other individuals claim they are being "non-consensually" experimented on with electro-magnetic fields and various forms of covert direct energy.

Retired Attorney Bob S. blames the attacks on the Cointel program in conjunction with human non-consensual experiments initiated by the U. S. Government, and says the commission should not ignore the pain and permanent harm being afflicted on innocent civilians.


The commission, after hearing testimony from targeted individuals on February 28-March 1 and May 18-19, states they have no power to investigate, nor are they reviewing any claims by targeted individuals - these issues have been investigated in the past.

1st hearing

The victims question whether the 13 member body of the commission is neglecting their individual responsibilities to report physical abuse and initiate judicial proceedings when oral testimony and written evidence has been produced.

Meanwhile, victims continue to plea for help from government agencies, political leaders, and human rights organizations. Their petition for support is ongoing and many victims continue testify of their torture and abuse.


How much blood shedding does it take before the authorities in the United States finally put an end to targeting humans with electromagnetic radiation via implants?