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Cops Shoot Dog: Support Richard Cooke & Buddy

Support Richard Cook & Buddy: A Community Campaign for Justice & Accountability

This website was created as a centralized resource for the victims of violence and murder from the Portland Police Department, occurring the end of August, 2011.

Richard Cooke is a houseless community member, who has posted up on SE Hawthorne & 38th for a few years now. He, and his companion dog, Buddy, are known and liked by many passersby.

Aaron Dauchy of the PPD shot & killed Buddy on a public sidewalk on N. Interstate in front of Richard and children across the street. Witnesses say Buddy was showing no signs of aggression towards the cop, but just sat up from a lying position when the cop arrived within feet of Richard & Buddy at a Max line stop.

The Portland Police falsely reported that Buddy, Richard Cook's companion Labrador Retriever Pit bull mix, bit a 2 year old child on November 02, 2011. Although that event never happened and was retracted in public records, the Portland police claimed it as "fact" and proof of his alleged aggressive nature in recent media reports to justify shooting and killing Buddy. This initial false claim was deployed to justify all subsequent excessive enforcement actions. It was only the beginning of everything that went wrong.

For more information and ways to support, please visit:

homepage: homepage: http://supportrichardandbuddy.wordpress.com

watch KATU news clip 13.Sep.2011 11:44


google KATU news report showing witnesses contadicting official story .( 9/24 } "Transit Officer Shoots And Kills Dog "

Do not walk away from animal cruelty 13.Sep.2011 13:03


Portland Animal Defense League -
Sympathy sees and says "I'm sorry."
Compassion feels and whispers "I'll help."
Thanks for being there for the animals and showing them the respect - compassion and understanding they deserve.
There is still so much more to this story than the media - Multnomah County Animal Control and the cops are willing to admit to.



A 78-year old woman with dementia on a field trip with her assistive living companions was found with a box of cookies in her purse that she pilfered from Walmart. She also had a bag of chips. She paid for the chips but did not pay for the $2.14 box of cookies. Walmart had the police come and book her and her mug shot is in today's Oregonian.

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