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Anybody attend Portland Hempstalk this weekend & would like to report? I'd've checked it out but was committed to Vancouver, particularly to Peace & Justice Fair. Being involved with marijuana legalization campaign in WA, i wonder what Hempstalk was like.

Can't say for sure 12.Sep.2011 08:45

Jim Lockhart

But the organizers for the event might be talking about Hempstalk on their Public Access program this Friday evening, from 8 - 9 on channel 11..........

I was there on Friday 12.Sep.2011 16:54

park lover

I was there on Friday, when they were setting up. I was pretty disappointed that they had turned the lovely park into a motorized nightmare, with cars, trucks and golf carts driving all over the place. I know you need to use vehicles to move stuff around, but it seemed pretty excessive to me.