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9.11 investigation

9/11 Truthers; a Paradigm of Delusion and Fear

A long inane rant.
When this becomes a breeding ground for 9/11 conspiracy theories, narcissistic drama, personal vendettas, arbitrary anti-Semitism, is when Independent Media becomes an obsolete concept. If people really see this as relevant... maybe they really do need to be told what to think.

Independent media should be a way for autonomists... and you fastidious liberals, to come together, and bicker and hate each other, with each other. This is not a site to talk about your gay friend with the Nazi fetish, or your next door neighber the coke dealer (I almost promise you he's not here), or to blame Jews for everything that has ever happened ever ever ever. It's not a place to photo shop and pretend like you're some covert amateur conspiracy theory decoder, yes I get the irony, please tell me that was irony; it's really not even a place to come and claim to be the revolution incarnate. It's a place to make a point, a statement, and then get on with your day. You can disagree with it, or with the way it's done. But if there isn't some sort of fact, or some new spin, or something of some relevance to our lives as people who have to walk this planet and who don't have a way of communicating relevant facts across large enough sections of the population so as to draw attention to developing attitudes that we should take note of, you probably shouldn't be here.

I also think it's pretty lame that anybody would ever follow the lead of a down and out pimp who likes to come on here just to poke fun of himself and crack jokes, even if every so often there is something of quality to what the kid (not the (K)id) has to say; (ya boy). If all it took was my narcissism to break any strand of integrity with which you present yourself to the world, and your ideas and beliefs, there might be a problem as to how you view and utilize media. If I'm the straw that broke the camels back, we've got a fucking problem here.

And why on G-d's green earth would someone not delete me...I'd fucking delete me in a second.

But there are people to whom will always keep idealism alive, it goes under comes up, is kept alive in music and fashion, comes out of the closet in a big way; then goes back in, or is swept back in, or just takes a breather. Only fascists have the endurance and nerve to keep up activism all the time...because sociopaths have loads of strength.

Media is an abstraction, but it's based off of something tangible. It's a division, like a looking glass. You combat attitudes by expressing ideas; not by stating the problem. If one person does it it's a problem, if it's condoned it might be something to keep an eye on, if it's becoming widespread and socially acceptable, now you've got an issue.

Irony is also a very played out concept. If everything in the world is ironic, than what is sober and real, what feelings do you take from information other than a laugh and mild contempt. Hipsters are walking caricatures of real life, past, present, even fucking future. They are vapid, inane and useless. Who sneers the loudest isn't going to get anything done. And trust me, I can sneer louder than any of you. Irony is a last ditch effort before hopelessness and submission.

When I sit down to see if check the state of police brutality; and to see if the federal inquiry into civil rights abuses is curbing it to any degree, and I see most of the articles are people who are taking their view of the way the world works from Batman comics, I think "wow, Americans are that stupid." Do you know in other parts of the world there are mass genocides, starvation, civil wars going on. Corrupt dictators, drug wars, institutionalized sexual assault, persecution of homosexuals. Turns out, the world doesn't revolve around you at your computer screen. Turns out, you really don't matter, and you live like you don't.

Your world is coming to an end, your lakes'll dry up, constant tornado's and hurricanes will make much of your country uninhabitable, your kids will develop cancer just by breathing in the air; food shortages, etc. 2010 hottest year on record with 2011 sure to beat or tie it. This is real. This is provable, happening every day...check the God damn news, the real fucking news, the cited sourced news; not your buddies truther blog.

If you want to live in a paradigm of delusion and fear, there you go. You can even put a Christian's spin on it and walk around with the belief that you and you alone are going to heaven and you only have so much time to convert heathen Jews and Muslim, and those other people who aren't Christians. That and find a good post-rapture service to take care of your pets. Can someone PLEASE take my Mar Mar.

I also feel that you don't have to say the same thing 11,000 thousand times. If there's one article from a 9/11 truther, you should give it a minute. Let it digest in the hearts and minds of sane rational human beings so we can work up just enough umph to say "this is the state of the human condition, we're all fucked."

What if someone who's family fell victim that day wanted to post something about how he or she doesn't believe the United States should respond to that tragedy with violence; what would he or she think. Do you think they'd find solace on this web-site, in believing that there is a viable political left to support his or her feelings on the issue, do you think he or she would find hope here, or do you think they'd run screaming.

And that's not to say that some of you don't genuinely believe it. It's really not that big of a stretch to believe that our government isn't that inherently evil. They are. They just don't know it. And that's where the fine line is folks. Your government actually acts out it's set of values. That's what gives them the rational for doing what they do. Not blowing up plane loads and building loads full of their own citizens, especially if they're white Christians (and maybe ultra-Zionist Jews) is a big moral rational for these people. Yes, their standards are that low. The belief in being a morally fit being pretty much accounts for very little for many people.

If it didn't, they'd just introduce fascism into the political stream, I mean overt fascism, because lord KNOWS there are enough people who would gladly stand around clad in all black chanting "viva la Muerta." God, I almost want to do it and this was a sentiment usually followed by "let's go kill a Jew." Think of the inherent masochism in such a sentiment. How many juggalos are out there?

And obviously, any thing relevant about 9/11, our reactions as a people, our government's; etc. and vitally important.

Just saying just saying...

for the author (Gilad) of above post - Listen up. 12.Sep.2011 18:08


I agree with this title 13.Sep.2011 17:19