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human & civil rights

wikileaks discussion group (pioneer square starbucks 3pm friday)

wikileaks discussion group
international law
us gvt surveillance
wikileaks discussion group (pioneer square starbucks 3pm friday)

bring laptops if you have them
not necessary to have them or have any knowledge of wikileaks but experts in international war crimes law, human rights law, free speech law, publicity, activism, or surveillance and intelligence encouraged to come.
members of the service with first hand experience of "collateral murder" type incidents encouraged to come.
tech community greatly appreciated as well. if your interest or skills lie beyond the scope of wikileaks, but you are interested or knowlegable in hacking, encryption, or even DDOS or tech law related issues about internet, please come teach us something!!!!!

also if you are interested but would like a different time or place please write and we can work something out.

we can also make it a book club for those of you who prefer printed literature. there are some wikileaks books available from many perspectives.
if this is preferable i can order some of them online for 99 cents.

we will look at why the oregon media in particular fails to report on the critical international issues brought forward by wikileaks.
we will look at the ethical ramifications of the suppression of war crimes.
open to all perspectives.

homepage: homepage: http://braingarbagedystopie.blogspot.com/