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Shattering The Status Quo

These are 2 pictures everyone has failed to speak about for a decade
The missile everyone talks about?
The missile everyone talks about?
The missile everyone talks about?
The missile everyone talks about?
On this solemn day which echoes into the futurity of each generation of our beloved country. I hope you and your family are healthy and safe. Because a great shame has been brought upon us. And every once in a while we're reminded in a great way of just how servile our society has become. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, what do the 2000 words these pictures are saying, exactly mean?

As the race for hearts and minds has hit a feverish pace. We can ill afford any more wasted time to pass. Because if courage means doing what's right regardless of the consequences? Then how much courage do we as fellow citizens really possess?

Americans, our common enemies four year shelf life exists only to strengthen their agenda. And if we're to defeat such an agenda we'll need the wisdom & strength of the bravest among us whom embody the selfless ways of honor & fortitude. Because when people continuously give their all and then are betrayed in the very same moment that one sacrifices. There must be brothers & Sisters of honor whom show the enemies within the fate to their treason.

"the last american"

red herring 12.Sep.2011 02:51


Photoshop much?

Frequent flyer miles anyone? 12.Sep.2011 12:11


I guess if I was someone guarding my city and the US was about to attack me, I would I would hesitate to shoot down a civilian passenger plane. Great job of camouflaging a cruise missile by the Pentagon. Just like North Korea camouflages its patrol boats to look like shitty fishing boats.

this site will shatter yer status quo 13.Sep.2011 00:50


Best Evidence of 9/11 Complicity

a short guide to some of the best evidence