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FRIDAY: Keeping the Peace -- A Conversation on the Portland Police and the Use of Force

This event is intended to explore ways to protect public safety with as little violence, death and injury as possible.
This forum is not interested in focusing on partiuclar incidents and abuses, but rather using experience, wisdom and insights to find ways to improve.

Questions that might be relevant are: Is there a way to reduce the number of police shootings? Are less-than-lethal weapons a step toward escalating or defusing difficult situations? Is there adequate accountability when police use of force goes too far? What don't citizens know abou the nature of police/suspect confrontations?

There will be a question and answer period involving the audience. Panelists include former Multnomah County Sheriiff Don Clark and Officer Mathew Wagenknecht of Portland Police Bureau and the moderator is Allan Classen.

This event is free and open to all.

It is taking place
Friday, September 16
at the
Mennonite Church, 1312 S.E. 35th Avenue, Portland