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Stand Against Ringling Bros. Animal Abuse on September 15th 18th!

Protest Ringling Bros. Circus This Weekend!!!
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Ringling Bros. Circus is hell for animals. Cited for numerous USDA animal welfare violations, Ringling Bros. has been exposed numerous times for providing the animals under its care with poor living conditions and lack of proper veterinary care. Ringling Bros. has also been documented beating elephants with large steel bullhooks, chaining them up, providing them with inadequate diets, and forcing them to perform unnatural, humiliating circus tricks that cause extensive arthritis as well as other medical problems.

This year, Portland Animal Defense League in conjunction with In Defense of Animals will be holding protests and public outreach actions before Portland show times. On opening day, there will also be a local media outreach opportunity with PETA, who will be staging a press conference in front of the Rose Garden Arena where the animals are housed, as well as a demonstration outside the arena.

The Rose Garden Arena Circus times:
Thu, Sept 15 Media Outreach at 11:45AM (with PETA), Demo at 6:30PM
Fri, Sept 16 Demo at 6:30PM
Sat, Sept 17 Demo at 2:30PM, 6:30PM
Sun, Sept 18 Demo at 12:00PM, 4:00PM

Just as recent as this July 14th, Ringling Bros. were issued another citation. This time for not providing veterinary care for the endangered Asian elephant Sarah, who has had a dripping vaginal infection for a number of years.

 link to www.peta.org


Also, on August 10th, the same Asian elephant Sarah collapsed during loading after a show. She lost her balance while walking up the boxcar ramp and rolled down to the ground. She lay there for ten minutes before handlers were able to get her to stand.


Every year, attendance numbers dwindle as families and other attendees hear protesters informative message about circus violence.

Promote other family friendly alternative entertainment and non violent human circus acts. Stand up for endangered animals! Stand against Ringling Bros. animal abuse!

homepage: homepage: http://pdxanimaldefenseleague.org

Sickening Abuse 12.Sep.2011 10:02

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

I am beyond sick about this. It would be easy for authorities in Multnomah, Clark, & other metro counties to ban elephants in circuses. So very easy. One quick proposal & one quick vote, & it's done. Who would really notice the difference, ..... except the elephants, of course, who do not deserve abuse that is meted out to them every day in circuses.

Years & years & years of abuse in this supposedly "progressive" Pacific Northwest. Years & years & years of elephant abuse, so easily stopped, but politicians won't, & most citizens do not care. Too busy with artisan coffee & beer.

Do not tell me that Washington & Oregon are "progressive". Not while elephants suffer here, & the lovely citizens not only allow it, but even patronize it.


CRUEL 13.Sep.2011 10:00


It is beyond cruel to use elephants in circuses. Just this year an elephant named Sarah collapsed when loading. To see elephants entertaining humans is humiliating. Stop this inhumane practice! Stop elephants performing and send them to sanctuarys. It is past time we see this performance for what it is, an archaic showing. For any parents, towing their children, SHAME.