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Where's George Today?

You'd think that if one was truly taken tragedy, that in that grief one would wish to see it never happen again. Typically, there are at least two choices, as we seem to enjoy taking life in doses of dichotic simplicity...
"We may now turn to the question of how the sacrificial may be tamed by the sacrificial. At the crude level, we all do this when energies that would mutilate "the other" are turned against the self, largely through the mediation of what we nowadays call guilt. A less crude and altogether better solution is the discovery that the divinity one meets in violence is better met in the renunciation of that violence, an offering back to the gods of their mutilating powers---powers that they have inappropriately lodged in the human breast...

The general point that I am making is that the energies of lamentation are extremely powerful ones, capable in principle of containing the sacrificial killer...If this is so, and of course it cannot be proven, it means that the critical moment in the sacrificial process comes not in discovering the sadomasochistic delights of scarification, but when the wounded or guilty or breaved hunter (or sexual warrior) stops to listen for the sound of lamentation. If he truly hears it, his killing rage will be constrained, and he will be moved by the same sacrificial energies to repair and redeem what he has inappropriately damaged. If not, he will stop up his ears, sequester his tenderness, and try to repair the damage by the some more.

This is the all-important moment, for it is precisely here, where sorrow is refused and converted into anger redoubled, that the possibility of healing and forgiveness escapes us...

What makes such sadness possible, opening the door to healing, repair, and forgiveness, is the sound of lamentation. Thus the return to our initial image, the scarified hunter is disturbing, but not necessarily scarey: he is only human. To know whether his mutilated flesh indicates that he has been vaccinated by divine anger or whether he is about to become the inhuman prey of the sacrificail monster, you must listen to what he hears."

Quoted from:
Dudley Young.
Origins of the Sacred (The Ecstasies of Love and War)
Chapter 7, Acting in the Theater of the Gods
First HarperPerennial Edition, 1992

So I ask, where is George today? Where is Dick, Don, Condolezza, Rudy and 'Scooter', or even the 'good guys', the 'deceived' of all that has come about, such as Colin? And how about those hangers-on and profiteers, Sarah and Rush, Jeff, and Ann, the parade of politicians and preachers?

Who truly listens to all the commotion over this day?

(I hope I don't get sued over the quote.)

Shanksville, Pennsylvania 11.Sep.2011 11:56


the whole 9/11 conspiracy in under 5 mins. 11.Sep.2011 20:06



ok 11.Sep.2011 20:58


Short quotations in the context of a scholastic or journal/news submission are generally covered under fair use as described by the US Copyright Office.

As for George, he'll make a token statement here and there as will anyone else affiliated with the attacks, and then step aside and let the nation be led around by their heartstrings for a while. Our foreign policy failures and aggression, which caused this in the first place, will never be discussed, as doing so will call our military into question, which everyone (except the far left) is afraid to do.

In the meantime we can wait for the 20 year anniversary. We'll have a few more wars to talk about by then. It should be great.