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9/11 Pity Party Bullshit

40 Thousand People Die.

Every year on the highways. Do we really care? Of course not.

Sad that anyone dies. Yet we all will, someday.

It sucks. But the Pity Party for 9/11 will be held. Even though our special forces did it. Because we are expected to be suckers.
It's just one more game for the billionaire owners to play on our overworked tormented souls. Oh, fuck them!

Don't Want To Be Totally Cynical 10.Sep.2011 14:29


As I said below:

"Probably these experts [who planted the charges in the buildings] were not our own special forces, but rather the work of skilled agents from far away, with the assistance of people like Dick Cheney, so that they could leave the jurisdiction of the crime."

I certainly do not support most of what our special forces do. But doubt that any of them would actually plant bombs in American buildings. The thought that there could be some domestic agency capable of such things exceeds even my cynicism.