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Standing upon the bridge

Weekly Protest
We will be back on the Hawthorne Bridge again today about 1600, (4:00 pm). Over 1200+ people were arrested in DC for standing in front of the WH to protest the Tar Sands Oil Pipeline. Next month thousands more will be arrested to protest the wars/occupations, lack of jobs, the attack on the environment and many other issues. October 6, 2011 may be one of the biggest mass arrests in years. People will gather at Freedom Plaza and refuse to leave. Individuals For Justice is asking you to give up an hour or so and say to those who are going home to their families and friends for the weekend, we are still killing innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Gaza, Somali, Pakistan and in other places. People do not want to think about what we are doing in their names. More and more are telling us that they support what we do and beep their horns to let us know that they are upset about what is happening. If you cannot meet with us you can join PPRC at 1700 at Pioneer Square to oppose the wars. Will you join us for an hour?


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