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Something Wicked This Way Comes

A recent online article in the Oregonian OregonLive introduced a new church that came into Portland. This investigative report reveals that the Mars Hill Church intends to wage war against all those who do not follow their mission according to their own statements posted on their own websites. City of Portland beware.
From Oregonian OregonLive article titled:

"Conservative Mars Hill Church will start services in Southeast Portland on Sept. 10"
To quote the Oregonian,

"A conservative Seattle church has purchased an old church building in liberal Southeast Portland, with services set to begin on Sept. 10.

Mars Hill Church, which was founded in 1996, is a mega-church with nine campuses in the Northwest and Southwest and three more on the way, including the new Portland facility at Southeast 32nd Avenue and Taylor Street.

Mark Driscoll, the founder of the church, preaches against homosexuality and urges gays to turn from sin."

Above quotes taken directly from:

 link to www.oregonlive.com

Who and what exactly is Mars Hill Church? Let's see, quoted directly from the Mars Hill Portland Church website:

"Mars Hill Portland

Oregon needs Jesus Christ. It's that simple. The city of Portland is known for many things, but the gospel of Jesus is nowhere on the list. Portland is home to world-class restaurants and street food, musicians and artists. It is a city of tremendous natural beauty and considered by many to be one of the "greenest," most environmentally conscious city in the world. Portland is also a city that looks to sexuality for fulfillment with a thriving sex industry that goes back over a century and a higher rate of strip clubs per capita than Las Vegas or San Francisco. However, the people of Portland see all these things as an end in themselves, worshipping and serving creation rather than Creator (Rom. 1:25). Portland is an intensely independent city whose people need to understand that only through submission to Jesus Christ and his body, the church, can you actually find freedom."

Above quote taken directly from:  http://portland.marshill.com/about/

To quote the Portland Mars Hill pastor directly from his website:

"Above all, pray for the mission of Mars Hill Portland, that disciples of Jesus would be made in a city that needs him very much."

From:  http://portland.marshill.com/2011/08/18/pastor-tim-smith-portland-missionary/

But, what is the Mars Hill Mission? To find out we went directly to the Mars Hill Church in Seattle website:

"The Mars Hill | Military Mission

We exist to make disciples in the military culture and plant churches by military bases.

Our Missiology:

The military is a culture of sub-cultures. Each branch has it's own culture, as does each unit and element. In addition, the families associated with each unit build their own customs and culture. We believe that Christians within the military are called to be missionaries to the particular culture of their own unit. Therefore the MH|MM resources, trains, and equips Christian Military Leaders throughout the armed services to be missiologists.

To accomplish this mission, the Mars Hill | Military Mission coordinates an air war and ground war.

Air War

The MH|MM sends books and other media at no cost to service-people, their dependents, contractors, and military-employed civilians. In this way we begin making disciples of non-believers, new believers, and christian military leaders (including chaplains).

Ground War

Our ground war is operated through Gospel Coaching. Based on the coaching implemented throughout Mars Hill and Acts 29, the MH|MM coaches Christian Military Leaders (CML) throughout the military world. We coach recruits, enlisted, officers, chaplains, spouses, and other military-related persons. Our passion is to see our disciples become coaches who make disciples themselves. We envision many of these CML's will become church planters to the untouched cities of military bases worldwide.
Our coaches include chaplains, former military, current military, and pastors with a passion for leadership in the military culture."

Above quote directly from:  http://marshill.com/about/military-ministry

So now we have a military mission consisting of ground and air wars against all those who do not follow their mission. As we dig deeper into their website at  http://marshill.com/about/ministries we find strategies to implement their wars:


The work of Mars Hill Church is distributed into two general categories that we like to describe as "air war" and "ground war."

Air War

The Air War describes our ministries that reach a large number of people at once:
Preaching and teaching
Large events
Websites, technology, and media
Marketing, technology

The Air War is measurable and often yields instantaneous results.

Ground War

The Ground War describes our ministries that deal with people on a more relational level:
Community groups
Pastoral care and counseling
Redemption Groups
Volunteer teams
Mercy ministries
Youth and children's ministry
Military Mision

The Ground War is our ongoing effort to live out our new life in Jesus and point others to him.

A United Effort

In general, the air war is orchestrated and managed by our central offices (global) while the ground war is concentrated at the campus level (regional and local). Both the Air War and the Ground War must be united, however, in order to be mutually effective, which requires a lot of overlap and collaboration.

At Mars Hill, we want a good Air War to gather and teach, and a good Ground War to disciple and serve."


Portland community: beware of the religious military extremists who are now in this city to start their wars against anyone who differs from them. Be on the lookout for increased hate crimes, or as the Portland Tribune puts it "bias crimes", against all those who are not following the Mars Hill Christian Military Church mission. Theabove quotes from Mars Hill Church Mission are essentially a declaration of civil war here in our city. Should an investigation in Mars Hill Church and its satellite affiliate groups be one of the first tasks of our new Portland Joint Terrorist Task Force?

In ending, to quote Pastor Martin Niemoller: "First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."

the sheep and cattle can't keep from milling 13.Sep.2011 10:34

the colonial whisperer

Religions like christianity, judaism and islam, which are all related are the cruelest hoaxes ever perpetrated on human beings. The time is now for people to abandon religion and reclaim Spirituality.

An Abomination (final edit) 30.Nov.2012 09:19

Hannah Friedlander

An Abomination

You can't be a queer and also a Jew;
you must choose for yourself
between one of the two.
Don't quarrel with me;
I didn't make the decree --
it's in the sacred Torah,
in the Book of Leviticus,
Chapter Eighteen, Verse Twenty-two,
which says
"A man shall not lie with another man
as he would with a woman;
it is a to'eva" -- an Abomination.

Being a queer
isn't a choice --
it's a matter of Nature and birth;
while being a Jew is a choice
one can make, or reverse.
You can't be a queer
and also a Jew,
because the Torah
has prohibited you.
Fuck the Torah
and Judaism too;
I'm gonna do
what I want to do.