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911: A Decade of Deception

Ten Years later and there's still no wreckage on the Pentagon lawn..
it's time for Crocodile Tears
it's time for Crocodile Tears
and there's still no wreckage in Shanksvile. The planes were totally "vaporized" according to the "official" story. Titanium engines too. The Aleghany Co. coroner went home after five minutes. "No bodies or parts anywhere to be seen" he claimed. Same deal at the Pentagon- dogs found no body parts. Not to mention no plane debris either. Where's that 40 foot tail section anyway? The Emperor is still naked out on that Pentagon lawn. And Shanksville was debris-free too. Nothing there at all. An engine was found six miles away. The planes that struck in NYC were gray in color with no discernable markings and the undersides appear to be modified with some sort of bomb or missile- the famous "pod" that seems to shed a laser light on the towers just before impact. "Loose Change" is still the most downloaded film in internet history. It's in dozens of languages globally. Ten years later and the first responders are dying like mad from leukemia and other ground-zero pollutions they were told was safe. And they're not even invited to the 10 Year Aniversary ceremonies. So much for "America's Heroes". Instead we'll have America's traitors, including the king ghoul himself Rudolph Giuliani, pretending that they had nothing to do with the attacks. 10 Years later and they still can't tell you what brought down building seven, which no plane hit and fel at free-fall speed, an impossibility without controlled demolition at work. Just like the twin towers. Huge stel girders blasted hundreds of yards. Everything turning to owder before it ever hit the ground- including office furniture and computers- all DUST. Did they add Hydrogen to TNT and get a semi-nuclear efect strong enough to blast out the very basements and subway tunnels? High Tritium levels imediately afterward point in that direction, not to mention video evidence of below-ground explosions just prior to the collapse. Don't forget the wrecked lobbies. They try to say the WTC was hollow in the center and it just "pancaked" but this is a huge lie. Monstrous girders were the backbone iof that building, sunk in bedrock and 100 stories high. 47 running up and down each tower. It could withstand anything but all 47 came down in perfect 30 foot chunks just big enough to haul away in NYC sanitation trucks. And all the evidence was shipped to Asia as scrap metal! By America's Mayor no less. America's 911 karma is catching up with it fast. Until citizens realize what actually happened, and what sort of mega-evil has overtaken this land because of it, we'll stay on the road to totalitarianism. Watching Panetta and Bloomberg and GW Bush and Rumsfeld and Andy Card and all the rest play out this horrible 911 charade is an excercise in frustration. Warren Commssion, 911 Commission, it's all the same. 911 is like the Ides of March for America. After Caesar's murder the Republic died fast and The Empire arose in all it's bloody gory glory- 500 years of endless wars to defend borders & bellies grown way too large. The murder of JFK began the process and 911 reinforced the fascist blueprint for all time. I always thought humans could never really become like H.G. Well's 'Ewoks" in "The Time Machine", complete slaves to their cannibalistic subterrnean masters, willingly submitting to bondage and death. 911 has proved me wrong I guess. It's far beyond Well's & Orwell now.

Thank you! 07.Sep.2011 16:44


We need to remember WHY 911 Truth must NEVER die.


Allan Sherman, 1973 whole2th@gmail.com

Regular rejection of the 9/11 information is explained in this 1973 excerpt from The Rape Of The A*P*E* by Allan Sherman:


From THE RAPE OF THE APE, BY Allen Sherman
Chicago, Playboy Press, 1973
Pps 56-59

I. Credibility

All Lies are designed to seem true. The expert liar carefully uses elements that seem probable and logical and are therefore easy to believe. On the other hand, The Truth is often illogical, wildly improbable and hard to explain.

Lies are more believable than the truth.

II. Reliability

The Truth is spontaneous, accidental, and unpredictable. Lies, however, can be planned in detail long in advance and are thus guaranteed to turn out as predicted.

Lies are more dependable than The Truth.

III. Economy

To be The Truth, an account of a given event must be completely accurate. This requires painstaking resourcefulness, expensive research, time-consuming attention to detail, complex logistics and thoroughness. In spite of all that, some people will believe it and others will not. A Lie will produce identical results without all the fuss and bother.

Lies are simpler than Truth: Lies cost less than Truth in time, money, and effort.

IV. Value

The Truth can be found anywhere; it belongs to anybody who finds it,
absolutely free. Lies are custom-made, often by experts, and the best ones are highly polished works of art.

Lies are worth more money than Truth. Have you ever heard of anyone bribing a witness to tell The Truth?

V. Respectability

A. Great fortunes have been made by selling Lies to the public. The people who sell these Lies are often grateful to the gullible customers, so they endow libraries and universities and cultural centers.

B. Nobody ever made a fortune selling The Truth. First of all, as already stated, The Truth is free. The only people who will pay money for The Truth are people who are being blackmailed--and they are only buying The Truth so they can hide it before anybody else sees it.

Lies lead to libraries and universities, while The Truth leads to blackmail.

VI. Stability

A. Take a thousand parts Truth, add one part Lie. Result: a lie.

B. Take one thousandth part lie, add one part Truth. Result: again a Lie.

C. Note that you can make a Lie out of Truth, but you can't make The Truth out of a Lie.

Lies are stronger and last longer than The Truth.

VII. Imagination

In reporting The Truth, a person must research the precise facts and stick to them exactly as they occurred. The liar can report the same incident without doing any research, merely saying whatever comes to mind and filling in details according to his fancy.

Lies are more creative than The Truth.

VIII. Recognizability

People are accustomed to hearing Lies all the time.

If you tell The Truth, people will think you are lying. If you convince
them you are telling The Truth, they will become suspicious. Why is he
suddenly telling The Truth? What is going on?

IX. Supply and Demand

A. In describing any given incident, only one version can possibly be The Truth, whereas the number of Lies possible is unlimited. Obviously, Lies are in far greater supply than The Truth.

B. There is a great demand for Lies, if they are flattering, if they build
up one's hopes, if they help one escape reality or if they promise health
wealth, power or potency. Nobody is very anxious to hear The Truth. The only people who demand The Truth are those who are investigating something (lawyers, etc.)--and they only want The Truth to prove someone is lying.

Lies are the acceptable medium of exchange in our society. They are in good supply and the demand for them remains strong. The Truth is in extremely short supply, but even this tiny supply far exceeds the demand. Thus, in our society, Truth occupies a position identical to that of dinosaur shit.


Lies are superior to Truth in numerous ways.
Lies are more ingenious;
Lies make the world seem more pleasant;
Lies are less embarrassing than Truth; and less frightening.
Furthermore, in such fields are diplomacy, statesmanship, merchandising, advertising, public relations and bookkeeping, The Truth is an out-and-out handicap.

In friendship, Truth is harmful; in love, it is disastrous.

My prediction is that The Truth will be phased out of our society, almost unnoticed, in less than a generation. It will become a curio like the two-dollar bill. Probably, there will be museums where samples of The Truth will be displayed for the benefit of curious children who want to know what it was like. One can only hope that the curators of these Truth Museums will have the good taste not to fake the exhibitions.

The Truth is that The Truth has become old-fashioned. It's full of odd
shaped little nooks and crannies, like so many old fashioned things, some people find them fascinating, but most people find them a pain in the neck. For those who care, it is a wonderful feeling to hold The Truth in your possession, to keep it and cherish it, never misuse it, then pass it along freely to anyone who wants it, giving it to them undamaged, unpainted, unadded to and unsubtracted from and every bit as glowingly alive as ever. To find all those joys in the handling of The Truth is a labor of love, but most of us in today's society have no time for such things.

WTF is it with the Rediscover911.com spam? 13.Sep.2011 17:38


The cure:


From this blog:


Raises some serious questions...anyone know this Petros guy? That sounds REALLY weird if he was part of this group and Indymedia.

that petros guy 13.Sep.2011 20:49

old post


mostly tl;dr ,but this does show he was part of the calvert group

To: pdx911truth Contacts
From: DM

Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006
Subject: [pdx911truth] Contact Scientific American re: Controlled Demolition Article

Scientific American magazine is considering doing an article on WTC and
controlled demolition. Please contact them either by phone of by email
and encourage them to do this. Considering the amount of corporate
money in this magazine an article on CD would be cataclysmic on many
fronts. Please forward this to other 911 groups and contacts.




Hello David,
and friends within and around the 9/11 efforts for Truth and Justice,

That would indeed be good news - if Scientific American were to review its current position on 9/11 which is an embarrassment to Science. But where have you learned this? I looked everywhere online about whether the magazine has announced this but can not find the source.

Following below are a few thoughts triggered by your letter on why this subject matters, and on some elements of the "Bunk and Debunking Battles".

-------------- "

like to hear more about what that poster said him being one of these wackos but pretending not to be? or something?