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CIA & MI-6 "renditioned" prisoners to Qadaffi for Torture- NY Times

Tony Blair ghost-wrote wrote Q's speeches! Who's on first?
According to the paper of record, The NY Times, papers found in Qadaffi's bunker prove that both the CIA and Britain's MI-6 sent terror suspect prisoners to Libya to be tortured into confessions. And even more astounding and downright bizarre is the fact that Tony Blair oversaw the writing of public speeches later given by Qadaffi himself! Talk about manufactured "terror"- The Big "Q" was ours all along. Thyat's why they could never make Lockerbie stick 100%. Too much evidence it was Lebanese drug runners upset with a DEA sting op featuring themselves. Yahoo it. Obviously Qadaffi got himself into a fatal bag similar to that of Manuel Noriega. He just knew too damned much and it was time to eliminate him from the scene altogether. So NATO is busy bombing the hell out of a guy who was electroding testicles on behalf of Obama and Bush. I guess the Saudi spy agency was too busy with all the other poor suckers we sent them for waterboarding and sexual humiliation, and the cages were overflowing. Voila! "We'll just send them to Qadaffi!" There's absolutely zero further mention of this incredible development anywhere in the MSM. And no wonder- just like OBL, Qadaffi is turning out to have always been a major asset of our government. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald. When we're done with these deluded dupes we just throw them away into the disposable dictator bin for burning.

weird 06.Sep.2011 13:59


That's strange because a while ago on Indymedia you were saying that the rebel leader was in cahoots with NATO, and people have been commenting that the rebels are basically a CIA backed force.

So is the CIA/MI/NATO/US/etc cheering for both sides in this conflict?