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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

9/11 and the Rise of the Global Police State

"A History of False Flag Events" Presented by a panel of 9-11 activists, 6 different historic "false flag events" will be described and briefly discussed. False Flag actions are, of course, bread and butter for the growing global police state. Don't be caught flat footed
9/11 and the Rise of the Global Police State

Jim Fetzer, Author, Teacher

Co-Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Friday, September 9th 7pm - 9pm
Sellwood Community Center
1436 SE Spokane Street

Recommended Reading: "Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots", Veterans Today

Continuing Education for Dissident Citizens

Saturday, Sept 10th 10am-3pm

Sellwood Community Center

10am-11am "Critical Thinking" A lecture discussion of the meaning of critical thinking. Discussion of rhetorical devices that cloud critical thinking, ad homonym attacks, straw man, cognitive dissonance, cognitive diversity, poisoning the well, guilt by association; Concept of "belief" in the realm of critical thinking. Led by Professor Tim Calvert SFB, dissident, critical thinker.

11am-12pm "A History of False Flag Events" Presented by a panel of 9-11 activists, 6 different historic "false flag events" will be described and briefly discussed. False Flag actions are, of course, bread and butter for the growing global police state. Don't be caught flat footed Presented by Professor Tim Titrud, Professor Cathie Bell, and Professor Richard Frager Ph.D. V.A.T.

12pm-1pm Catered Lunch. Food will be brought in so that the discussion and momentum will remain high. Food will include both Vegetarian/vegan and meat from the proud tradition of Iraq. Food catered by Zahra Alkabi, Iraqi Refugee living in Portland.

1pm-2pm Guest speaker Fritz Springmeir, author, political prisoner, expert on secret societies and the occult, will discuss occult symbolism in the 9-11 attacks.

2pm-3pm Resource Review for activists. A panel of 9-11 truth activists will present their favorite resources from Books, documentaries to Web Sites. All 9-11 activists are welcome to submit a sheet with web sites, books and documentaries.

Pre-registration encouraged. Cost for both days $35.00. Jim Fetzer's talk will be $10.00. Saturday workshops with lunch included will be $25.00.

All who pre-register will have lunch included with their registration fee, late comers will pay for lunch. Contact Oregontt.aol.com.

More information and registration form at  http://www.pdx911truth.com

 link to protest.net
 link to protest.net

503-823-3195, 503-701-3481

homepage: homepage: http://911scholars.ning.com/profiles/blogs/9-11-and-the-rise-of-the-global-police-state-portland-or-9?xg_source=activity
phone: phone: 503-823-3195
address: address: Sellwood Community Center 1436 SE Spokane Street

* 04.Sep.2011 09:43


I seriously doubt this will even have much of a turn-out, considering the cost and that it's way out in Sellwood.

david irving was way out at the airport 09.Sep.2011 18:09


don't think distance from downtown affects these folks. they have at least a couple of mailing lists sure to get the word out to the die hard brainwashed faithful. otoh the cost is kinda high for this kinda thing. can't see the usual tea bagger conspiracy fan shelling 35 bucks out that could go to beer.....

A likely answer to this odd situation 10.Sep.2011 18:15

worth repeating

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments." - Nietzsche.

This method is also known as 'poisoning the well.' But to add to another well-worn phrase, 'please don't throw the 9/11 truth baby out with the disinformation bath water!'

Many who've seriously looked into the evidence about 9/11/2001 agree with or lean toward some form of 'inside job' explanation for what happened that day. Take a hard look at the damning DVD "9/11 Mysteries," or carefully read books like "Crossing the Rubicon" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions." These are almost impeccable in their critical analyses of 9/11/2001 when compared to 'official' conspiracy story sources, and, when combined with looking at everything else investigators can find out about it, feel they have little rational choice other than to see the events of 9/11/2001 as having been some form of 'inside job.' And this isn't even mentioning the fairly recent discovery of nano-thermite chips in WTC tower debris by Steven Jones, et al. <  http://tinyurl.com/dny6mo >

Well, if an 'inside job' was indeed at work, then associating in the public's mind
(a) the 9/11 truth movement
(b) racism and/or other bizarre theories
*precisely* what those who might be covering up any 9/11 'inside job' would want: more cover.

Indeed, they may want this association meme so badly that they try to *make sure* it happens.

Consider this scenario: Provocateurs are put into grassroots, progressive-leaning 9/11 groups, and honest citizen investigators are one by one ousted by incessant personal attacks, harassment, real and faked internecine 'fights,' or just the general negative atmosphere of group meetings. These ousted citizens are quickly replaced by followers of bizarre &/or racist theories and yet more provocateurs. Public figures are invited by the group to speak; some speakers are authentic 9/11 researchers/whistleblowers, others spout bizarre &/or racist theories. The general public, of course, doesn't know which is which in advance but eventually learns to associate the concept of "9/11 truth" with "bizarre &/or racist theories" and subsequently steers clear of anything having to do with "9/11 truth."

It certainly doesn't help that some of the leading exponents of mainstream 9/11 truth seem oblivious to this phenomenon, occasionally even appearing themselves on openly racist talk shows and conferences. But even given that disturbing situation, the evidence for 9/11/2001 having been some form of 'inside job' is simply too overwhelming to brush aside as 'fascist conspiracy mongering.' (But it does make one wonder about the degree of naivete' or ultimate allegiances of said leading exponents....)

Anyway, the irony of this present situation with Tim Calvert, Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, et al may be this:
The expressed anti-Jewish, etc. sentiment is not motivated by actual disdain toward Jews, etc. so much as simply wanting to implement cynical disinformation designed to fracture the 9/11 truth movement both internally and from the 'left/progressive' public.

But whether authentic racism or cynical tactic, allowing oneself to be swayed to believe that the 9/11 truth movement is dominated by ugly racists and bizarre theories is also counter to the facts about the mainstream of that movement. (For just a few examples, see www.911truth.org, www.911blogger.com, www.truthaction.org,  http://stj911.org (Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice), and  http://pl911truth.com (Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth).)

As far as the term 'conspiracy theory' used pejoratively, progressives and allies should take a hard look-and soon-at "Conspiracy Phobia On the Left" by Michael Parenti, who is hardly a wild-eyed radical right-winger (see
www.questionsquestions.net/documents2/conspiracyphobia.html ).
KBOO also recently broadcast a talk Parenti gave about how so many on the left have been led to reflexively dismiss any discussion of conspiracy by those in positions of power.

Also consider this: There really is a sizable percentage of the neo-Nazi, white-supremacist movement who sincerely consider themselves to be environmentalists and even make statements for protecting/living harmoniously with Nature. Suppose a local environmental group was dominated by such people, and suppose it invited speakers of their outlook to give talks about it. Does that mean that progressives and their allies should immediately abandon working for environmental causes or otherwise on behalf of Nature? Of course it doesn't. But by the same token, the racist actions of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance shouldn't mean that progressives and their allies should abandon uncovering and spreading the truth about 9/11/2001.

Why? BECAUSE WIDESPREAD PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS OF 9/11/2001 ENDS THE WARS, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. The attacks of 9/11 were done-in part-to generate and maintain those wars. Widespread willful ignorance/fear/denial of that knowledge by the public, on the other hand, simply maintains the Empire's status quo: endless wars and endless suffering for many, leading to endless profits and endless power for few.

The stakes involved in widespread 9/11-truth knowledge are absolutely enormous; that's why there's such a big disinformation push by those wanting to maintain the coverup and maintain this status quo. Yes, the ramifications of 9/11 truth are deeply disturbing-there's been and continues to be betrayal and manipulation on a large scale (though many doing so no doubt were/are being manipulated/duped by various means), and 9/11 truth itself is only the tip of a very big social pathology iceberg.

Transforming this situation for the better requires widespread knowledge of the actual facts involved. So follow the truth wherever it leads and expose it to light, but-as the situation in Portland is now pointing out-just also be sure to use great care when choosing those to expose it with.

Omg 13.Sep.2011 17:44


Saw a poster about these people, lol. Not very flatering. Probably a grayscale printed from the fans of antifa blog...for comparison see  http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/3135/pdxnutslol.jpg

This was your event? 13.Sep.2011 18:08

words fail

lol 13.Sep.2011 20:52

wait for it

the bwaaahing will start in 3...2...