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Libyan Rebel Leader, NATO's New Darling- 100% Al Qaeda

He was even renditioned & tortured by the CIA and thrown into solitary for YEARS Now he's the new symbol of Democracy in the Middle East? WTF?
The new George Washington?
The new George Washington?
Abdel Belhaj- former Jihadist General in Afghanistan and killer of US soldiers- Now he's Nato's poster child for "freedom". He just appeared "out of the blue" two weeks ago, with his own private army armed to the teeth by "NATO" (read Obama/Clinton). He marched on Qadaffi's palace after all the dirty work was done by NATO (read USAF) warplanes and mercenary jihadist mobs of crazed teens with a license to pillage and kill and rape. Ahhh the taste of FREEDOM. Let it ring? I mean there is no doubt this guy was as "Jihadist" as OBL supposedly was. And he's been installed by Hillary & Co. as the George Washington of Libya! think OBL was who they keep telling us he was? Or as I call him 'Osama Bin Oswald". Just how many "Bin Ladens" are/were there? The chubby guy with the gold ring in the infamous "Maharishi" video? Or the tiny slice of profile revealed in the OBL Pakistan bunker of death? Or the disease ravaged skeleton shuffling along to his dialysis appointment back in 2001? Hmmmmmmmm.....