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595 & Counting

Re: Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Protests
Arrests on the "white house sidewalk" have reached 595, & that number will definitely increase. obama is as hateful toward protesters as bush ever was.

840 & Counting 01.Sep.2011 13:11

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Over 840 arrests have been made on the "white house sidewalk".

[Whose sidewalk? OUR sidewalk!]

And Mr obama hears no protests, sees no protests, & however else that goes.

Even the republican governor of Nebraska has told barack NO pipeline.

And so we witness once again obama painting himself into a corner.

Extrapolating 01.Sep.2011 13:20

Den Mark

Extrapolating from 840, i assume thousands of total protesters have been in front of the lovely white house since these protests began.