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Obama: 'Be Prepared For Another 911'

Federal guidelines for 911 commemorations have been issued "Ignore Al Qaeda" theme
My Kind of Town?
My Kind of Town?
The Obama admnistration has just released a set of "guidelines" for observing the tenth aniversary of 911. "Downplay mentioning Al Qaeda" is a prominent theme, since the "killing" of OBL has taken care of that little problem and they are no longer a major threat and are "irrelevant" according to the guidelines.. The Qaeda-less "Arab Spring" uprisings is supposed to be proof of this assumption. But the main message is that Americans 'MUST BE PREPARED FOR ANOTHER ATTACK'. In another words the people sworn to protect this nation are going to let their guard down again and allow yet ANOTHER attack upon us? Another military STAND-DOWN is in our future?? This is basically what The President is spouting. There's NOTHING they can do about it so grit your teeth and kiss your ass bye-bye. Another big theme is 'showing the world it's not just about us' and that terrorism strikes everywhere. He's big on reminding people about 7/7 in London and Mumbai. Keeping the global fear level high is a critical component here. Obama is cwertainly doing his 911 coverup job superbly, stacking up future charges against himself and his administration for aiding and abetting the coverup of mass murder and treason. Heavy words? I don't know what else to call it. But his message is crystal clear- He stands with Bush/Cheney as far as the events of 911 are concerned. And he swears we are going to be attacked again. There's absolutely no mention of de-fusing this global "terror" situation through any sort of diplomacy or reconciliation. Remember, we are STILL bombing Libya as you read this. Obama and the Democrats are PROMISING more war, terror attacks, and authoritarian response that victimizes innocent citizens and destroys what little freedom remains. So many thought he ws going to be a cool guy because he said he liked jazz and smoked some reefer in college. Just like that other repugnant back-room gangster "Bubba" Bill Clinton, Obama is actually the flip side of Bush. Same coin though.